Roger Goodell

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I hand out, to get up on two or staged a record, our interview yesterday, they Boulder very passionate, in their belief in there were spot this and what they thought four, and what they've seen, comrades, and brother's die for, it was, it was an honor for me, I told you they were superheroes I was joking about that laugh and on the show, but they also have an amazing sense of humor, and they're both so committed, to helping veteran this Wounded Warriors specific play they were playing awarded Warriors flag football game, on Tuesday Napa star Wednesday night, they they were just often, and I know a lot of you enjoyed the conversation, you said we're tweet your face but posters a picture on her Facebook pages was on Twitter, we're going to put that up on our YouTube channel also just as interesting, and just as, important to fit down with although will caught, and with Jim Joyce, former N.F.L. players who couldn't be more opposite, ones black and what ones white, one short and ones tall, why nice charismatic, and vocal, and, just, why only any other is more subdued and really doesn't speak, so if you have him a question now he was really happy about the figure Sports Radio had a got, one of them was, but I started position the other not as much they play for different teams they played differ era of, but they've teamed up, because they want to raise awareness and they want to raise money for the research. To figure out how to diagnosed living, players, with the tea and that's be able to treat it, and their passion comes through in our conversation, the talk about the state of football today and how they feel about the team's they'll be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday but Solomon will got the Jim Joyce also extremely informative an entertaining, griffey him, who is now the lead and with a Bleacher Report but a former N.F.L. que be best friend of Kyle Shanahan had , explosive comment about Kyle as he prepares to become a head coach in the N.F.L. and how Kyle's been slated he actually dropped the word hater, so Chris then was pulled no punches and coming up go here my conversation with, punter, punter Sam Martin of the Detroit Lions are just signed a big contract extension out another great season, so we run again it's we did on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday will be back on radio row on Thursday producer Thomas who worth of the names that we have scheduled to meet with on Thursday, we have vibe Doug Flutie we have nearing that's so yeah which will be really fun we have Derrick Brooks who we had last year we got using hopefully there's singing, portion of the events, again this year, I'm trying to think of us have we have Orlando Pace, and it's a Hall of Fame every day we have, Andre read and we have the. Only female referees or Thomas, that's right Jerry Thomas said it a she's, working with I TD of, I believe if that a big yogurt and Doug she's been really active in trying to, youth, per situation which is as Tom mention the only female official me N.F.L. as a way to inspire other young women and girls and I certainly appreciate that so it's going to be another variety, on radio row on Thursday tell you what more and more people, coming to experience that the face, set, been and the N.F.L. has this whole area worth a it can go in with a knee was taken, eight and interact didn't play games and all the Giants, it's because , quite a heavily traffic area downtown around the Convention Center which is cavernous and of itself, but you could really tell that were just days away from the game now, if after hours with Amy Lawrence on C.B.S. Sports Radio C.B.S. Sports Radio dot com you are setting your tweet about Roger Goodell yes I do appreciate you keeping him clean for my sake, and my Virgin eyes and ears, we also have a poll, after our Phoebe F. is the Twitter, about whether or not you believe Roger Goodell, I think it's an exercise in futility because I know many of you know, I would say I'm going to get that habit of the Pole results yet, but potentially ninety percent to ten percent of you. I don't believe anything that Roger Goodell fat offense, that wouldn't matter if he fed the guy was blow, you one believe in, it is that the football is Brown you Wooden believe them, if he said the football with ladder you would think you flying, so it doesn't really matter in a lot of hay and flies what the commissioner has to say, by the way I went to two two I text Tom about Roger Goodell and his audio, from Wednesday in my phone on a corrected Goodell to guide If, , and that was my reaction got it and then my next thought was beyond say, and I don't know why because of a picture I have no idea what he's doing that picture, she could just issue, a tweeter statement saying that there having Twins but no there had to be , the picture, of some sort so, goodell autocorrect still got it and that let me to be on say and to you can understand I just had no sleep Peterson or does in studio Pete I apologize that we didn't get to do, our short on Sports batters okay I'm not insulted you're very very busy and a lot of stuff going on there, any big chatting happening dairy, , I six eating something over there and control room in the Tom is busy your work and, really it's kind of thing I think you haven't really missed anything it basically business as usual. , I don't know why as you this question yesterday I will ask again because the Pole is still alive on our Twitter who do you think's more critical to the fix that for the Patriots ballot checker Brady, all right it's Brady, I think it's hands down it's Brady of fellow Czech failed the at his first, and is first to head coaching jobs he fell with the Browns he he didn't win any games with the Jets, and then once he got Tom Brady, you know he came real gabe's a really good coach, but I don't think you win in the N.F.L. much of a confident quarterback and reminding how many games he was with the Jets P, well he didn't win any games, you do, and he was that he was the head coach of an eye he was the HC early on why, and he didn't win any games years said to do, although the first year this is kind of interesting the first year he was with the Patriots now it's hard a judge a coach in a first year but before Brady started he was five and eleven, put first, , Richard Sherman pipe downed have and, and then Moeller was decided to rough Drew Bledsoe out of bounds and then came Tom Brady, he now I knew you're good if a job only because you worship the gravity walks on but I didn't realize you're also going to ripped Bill ballot check in the process Pete but well I win with quite hit while he was the Jets head coach you would've been nice if you want a game or two but even when anything. Are you just mad because this could be the Jets instead of the Patriots are the league's all but I'm not better at all Amy Armour and I found and right now sixty three percent of our listening audience in our audience on Twitter says that Bill bellowed check is more responsible bore critical to the Patriots success over the last sixteen years which I despite that question, fascinating alright punter their people to fan Martin of the Lions will hear that conversation next, five maybe laureate in Houston to after hours on C.B.S. Sports Radio Now time for our latest point update, and here's picked on a football coach, which player, of doctor bro ejected given me Hart burn over the years N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell chose to go to Atlanta, on back-to-back weeks during postseason instead of an appearance in Foxborough, that was one of many topics on Wednesday during to Dahl's, super Bowl fifty-one media session We get more on that from, C.B.S. fortes radios run flattered at his annual Superbowl news conference Commissioner Roger Goodell faced the music of the flight gate man was asked depend awkward feeling kept him from going to a Patriots home game this season there's not awkward all for me, we understand when fans, who are loyalist passion for a team, but checked and don't like the I'll come I totally understand that, the some initial right the commissioner also said the N.F.L. will continue to look in the loss Vegas as a future home for the Raiders. Even though to Major investors backed out of the stadium project there are other N.F.L. moves cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald says he is returning for fourteenth N.F.L. season, he has one year left on his current deal, the NBA will start in Oakland worse Steph Curry was on fire from downtown it down with the double, Lance guarding him, Andre spits back left man, waiting down, Andre looks right be very Curry with four seconds takes a triple another of, , two more and Warriors radio Warriors over the Hornets Warren twenty-six one eleven Steph Curry thirty-nine points including, eleven three-pointers elsewhere the balls over the Thunder one twenty eight one hundred, Weber's weren't twenty-four Suns one fourteen Mavericks over the Sixers one thirteen ninety five Grizzlies one nineteen Nuggets ninety nine the Jazz but the box one oh forty-eight, pistons one eighteen Pelicans navigate the Heat were nine for all, the Hawks won sixty ninety three mix ninety five that's ninety the Pacers beat the Magic ninety eight eighty-eight, cavaliers over the two goals one twenty five ninety seven and the Celtics get forty four fours or Isaiah Thomas, to be fair Rafters one or nine one oh four, college basketball number three catches gets play number two Baylor seventy three sixty eight and eight you always for the Capitals blames the Canes RP reports, our team is in Houston listen for a great Super Bowl coverage all week on C.B.S. portray to go, throwing Salt over your shoulder to prevent. 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I Ryan Peru a TD bad so please check that out my Twitter at a lot radio in see Jodie in action we've got a couple of pictures as well on our Facebook page after hours with a me laureate that it's always good got polls we've got all kinds of fun stuff on our youtube channel a lot of our radio row conversations are growing up, on you to, but Sam Martin I laugh guest on this particular show, and I started out by asking the Lions punter, whether or not he thought Philly fighting up a stream in the N.F.L. when nobody thing to talk about the special if they kickers until they screwed, yeah pretty much very much and you know so these guys are did all dancing everything are helping, they're helping the name of the honors but they're also taken away from a little bit of that, this you know they know they can wreck Mets the dancing up wanting in They're all good honors but you don't have a gameplan I don't you don't want me to try either okay yes I know they're on I got its radio nobody opiate and five plus it, I've considered you know the dancing thing I just don't have the rhythm of the moves I can't pull off waivers guys, I read an interview that you did locally in Detroit, I'm one of your things that you said what I can disclose my secret tightly been working on.