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Listen: "Joan Rivers and Gary Shandling were pretty well the go-to folks your filling in for Johnny Carson"

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C Gary she handling show a which was kind of a the foe parody rarely sort of reality show on Showtime but the thing that really really vaulted any was a fine stand up comedian I got a little excerpt all share here in just Little but he was a genuinely drive star Dominic funny sole and did some guests gigs all the tonight at listed two to be a reading Joan Rivers and Gary Shan like we're pretty well the go to folks your filling in for Johnny Carson I'm a little something about the honor of a filling in for for iconic figures and he was great do with that but then Valeri Sander show which was kind of a It was a parity of avenues who was shot on video so that it kind of it and he media C and a reality and it was on HBO but it and it was just absolutely genius from nineteen ninety-two to nineteen ninety-eight had the great to rip a torn Miller at the incredible of Jeffrey Chan bore as Hank his sidekick and you ever listen to Sterner anybody else throw I hate now every says that part of the part of the Belichick on a down that is that's that's right from the Larry Sanders show and this was absolute genius in and out Gary Shannon passed away yesterday at the age of sixty six what's going on and apparently heart attack with him something at any rate we move from there and I say in our remaining I challenge to limit we got like a minute to have before we had our first bright.