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Listen: "The final season for Vin Scully a legend of the game"

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Stephen Dunn
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Our guys every practice in every game this player preparation and that's just the mindset we made changes we have to catch up there and so our guys we told him is serious time that in concert were were didn't Brady we have to get better now Ralph Lawler is also looking ahead to regular season baseball in the final season for Vin Scully legends of the game who will be leaving the broadcast booth at the end of the season and will at this point not the same buy the majority of los angelinos who did not get the Dodgers channel with their television package Ralph as a somewhat solution to people who are going to be missing them the ball club to do something good for the fan fired a ranging to have all nine innings but I'm OK out of the game he broadcast now the first three every time okay up and then you lose some and for least those home games that he does or if he does on the road games at all we'll have all nine inning not a bad idea Dodgers are looking ahead the really more looking behind they signed a veteran pitcher Jamie right to my league deal looking the high because he's forty one years old and didn't pitch last year Last time he pitched the Majors twenty-four team he was a Dodger five and four with a save in a four point three five urinate as a reliever this more brought.