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Featuring hopper pastor husband and father doctor Roger patter said, the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of Yahoo Sports Radio, media forward SPONSORS AND partners vision for life is a broadcast ministry of West University Baptist Church and cross point Church Houston Texas that vision for life, job award, thousands of tiny gripping edges for confidence and control and I see which road Blues act Ayers from bridged up, jc as the am H. D. one Colorado Springs, this is Southern Colorado Sports a leader extra sports thirteen hundred, , bumgarner wins of the final for Saturday might not about the most well played college basketball games but they're certainly with plenty of drama Gonzaga blew a fourteen point second half lead against self Carolina but an unlikely hero with even more on likely shot regained the momentum for this that you levels to shoot Williams Goff matched up against so Vontaze, which, up topic College to step back for three big, it's not, the back to the word but, and it, sixty eight sixty seven yards nine go but I won't, given cool you're the West would one and see a radio network on the calls that Collins three pointer halted a sixteen oh self Carolina run as the sacks one on first seventy seven seventy three victory called finished with fourteen points and thirteen rebounds all full throw in six blocks Nigel Williams Goff a game-high twenty-three points so well does that make their first trip. You know there, with year, another intriguing people from the world of sports and be on, okay, , join us for sports talk with the purpose your vibrator for him, he's I'm out there, you're lying, how much fun pad the weekend sports Biloxi perspective with your host about units Rice Johnson, well known, all had hit it on Bryce Johnson Guber no great to days thank you so much for joining us as we on packs boards faith and wife today on the show we'll talk college basketball the NBA we've got some so topics surrounding in Lorenzo ball his dad one, done this, the Cleveland Cavaliers flip in the switch stick around at the end of the show will do our segment on pack this about anniversaries for two epic iconic college basketball shots from the past, you can e mail the show radio at unpack it dot com you can follow me on Twitter Bryce Radio channel the website unpack it dot com their you'll find all of our previous guest interviews including our conversations with Tony Dungy and Justin Leonard and you can also support this show and on package, Ministries by going to unpack unit dot com slash give it with the be in the beginning of the month we would greatly appreciate your support, so the we can continue to daily impacts sports fans everywhere and also bring this radio show to you each week and so we Grilli appreciate your support on packing it dot com slash give so it's been. Where and also bring this radio show to you each week it's a week really appreciate your support on packing it dot com slash give so it's been, great week in sports and it will focus odd on basketball on today's show, and I want to discuss kind of this is bigger issue with college basketball because of course work we're excited about that the tournaments, coming down to the end and all that we've experienced throughout the ball wonder fault month of March and be the idea of those Vic continues to kind of Hover over college basketball is, what do we, do as fans, and what does the NBA do in college fastball due in regards to the one and Guns N' this comes up every year it's a it's a regular conversation but the star players that come out of high school, they've basically commit to only played one year, of college basketball and then, as long as they do enough to to continue to be a draft prospect they leave, and and expected hope to be drafted and and make millions of dollars while goalie experiencing one year of college basketball, and so first off that the reason I bring this up is because as a fan, I love watching March Madness, and honestly it doesn't really matter who who's plane, it's it's it's more about the excitement the tradition that the possibility of upsets the the Buzzer Beater is the the exciting plays the coach is all of that continues to draw be in the game after game action it's all great. Based on what they did in high school and and what they did in one year, of college, but I guess I was having this this conversation with a close friend of mine this week, we still we don't love college basketball the same way that we used to the regular season is it is interesting to us, because we're just not draw one to watch seen the the younger players like out of the gate you know because there's no connection to them, vs., if you saw maybe a glimpse of, a player as a freshman and sophomore the by the time there junior and senior you know when the season begins it's like okay I can't wait this is kind I watched a little bit now take the next step and really develop and and and become the player that he can be so that's the best-case scenario that's or really want and so, I think what it comes down to is whether they keep a one and done or not, in the tournament, we're still going to watch we still love it we prefer to have seen years in juniors in guys that we've we've watched in the turn of the last couple of years it just better that way Bowles to watch in the turn it but in the regular season, outside of watching your favorite team it's difficult because the names are familiar and and so I really buy into that philosophy and and I just wish that I wish that the NBA and and college basketball could figure out a solution. In their kids, and it's tough to be around people like that, but we we go forward point the finger at everybody else we also have to take you know just a look at our own kind of that it's unit in heart in that area so and something that I know is has been on everybody's radar with with the balls just being out there, in the mix, on T.V. and Radio as you like every single day so what your thoughts on that where do you come out on, how you handle, supporting your kids bragging about them, but but making sure you're not crossing the line, radio at on passionate dot com Radio, at on packing that dot com, another topic that I wrote about this week on unpacking it dot com was about the Cleveland Cavaliers, and LeBron hundred games and this idea that, they may or may not flip a switch when the playoffs began, they've been struggling last three got talked about LeBron James being the _M_V_P Italy, I still feel like he's always the _M_V_P the still the best player but but now how's last trees conversation today, it's about the possibility of just turning that on, whenever you feel like it to say alright, if the playoffs it's go time it doesn't matter there we've been struggling does it doesn't matter the we haven't played good defense our effort has been, marginal our intensity has been week, and we haven't been plane. Up to our, potential, we know the Cleveland still has talent they Dallas I'm injuries they've had, new pieces come in and out of their lineup in it's been difficult at times, but they have been, been a championship caliber team, recently, and so Ken very all of a sudden in a couple of weeks, look the switch and become that team again, my gut feeling is yes they can because the talent is still there will Braun is still there are they won the championship last year there definitely capable of it, but it's still, an interesting kind of concept to consider, where it when you think about sports okay teams turn on and off and we know that happens in that a lot of times it does work, but what about our own life, what about the idea flip in the switch, and when it comes to faith, do we football and when we're in certain situations or what we really need god, we we re you know we turned it audit alright or we need you and then we want to do our own thing power afoot the the face which off, well that's our mentality of that's the way we're live in and we got a really again take a look at our own lives and consider are love and passion and commitment, to got because, follow following him, there's not, entail, flip in the switch on and off on and off, it's like it's a commitment it's an ongoing daily. Pursuit, of all Jesus and loving the with all of our hearts all mine astray, and and and we can relate this to as far as our our families are spouses and it are we foot in the switch on an awful you know we need some better wants up and and, or is it consistent, and it's it's unconditional love then I just think too often sure in maybe a worse and sporting foot the switch for the playoffs began, but a for doing that and and we're were one way around certain people in the word different kind of her center our character is different are integrity is different around other people and are behavior what we choose to do is different, that we got I think we got so evaluating to deal, in those situations, so many their thoughts on that as well radio at on packing it dot com and then one final thought in regards to the NBA, what about the Golden State Warriors playing so well without Kevin Durant, now this is a this is very intriguing because we know that Steph Curry The Warriors are a wonderful team, and won a championship without Kevin Durant's, and I was a little surprised at how well they played early in the year, with adding Kevin Durant's and it was almost seamless but they were such a good team in any gets injured, and they struggled with our because they were used to play with them but now that their their back to kind of their. Steph Curry Klay Thompson dream on Green F. Ertz and strategy, they're pretty good so whatever the Kevin or a comes back, how's that, covers is a somebody deep there's also just slide right back in, I guess and they'll have enough time in the playoffs before the championship to so to work it out, but I'm always fascinated when you as a player late in the year but you got used to playing without, I just think it's tough it doesn't mean that Golden State can overcome it I just think it's tough and and so I'll be curious to see how long it takes and maybe some of those early series and up going longer then we initially thought incentive and just flying through the Western Conference, especially early in the first couple around that maybe something to look out for bowl what do you think you can should be a male Bryce at on pack it dot com Bryce at on packing it dot com you can leave your comments on Twitter Bryce Radio, and if you are just joining us, this is on packing it on Bryce Johnson if the show about sports faith and wife and this is our weekly radio show that is heard on radio stations across the country you can also hear the podcast in I tunes just search on packed it, and we are a part of a larger ministry called on packing it Ministries, which is a ministry all about sports fans following Jesus and and so we talk sports faith in life here on the radio show we interview intriguing guests and and all impact. I'm encouraged by those examples and I hope that were will lead to take our own shots and take advantage of our own opportunities that Jesus is alleviate us to take it over well into all impact that today and I really consider those situations in your own life and and if you want to find out more, or about kind of the idea of related to sports story to a biblical principal check out on packing it dot com and you can signed up to receive an email version of unpack this each week they morning of about eleven thirty year so A.M. eastern time and it goes directly into your Inbox you can, signup for free at all unpacking it dot com, what's all the time we have today but thank you so much for joining me here on on packing it, I had a blast can't wait to join you again next week my hope as we had the show is that we will continue to, who Jesus is an discover a deeper relationship with him, of passionate about fourth of my stronger passion is for people to know Jesus and experience judge great, thanks for listening to that I want to point, and I thought you next Schein on our packing, for more information about unpacking that go to unpack in it dot com, where you'll find podcast full interviews videos blogs another great content, stay in touch might be mailing Price that on packing it dot com or by calling seven zero four three zero three eight four three fine. You can also follow on packing it on Twitter and Facebook, thanks for your supported the show and we will on packed the world a big been sports next week at the same time on this same station, made God Bless you, , sports without is when they start talking, twenty four career, , Gordon's the scene hundreds of, what did the something a little too, an angry orchard, slider traditional side, from a hundred year old injured at takes into is to make age probable of, ORCHARD so at the end of the day, hello, was a glass to something a little, good orchard, greatest with Reggie and enough to sweep, , angry orchard, slider, they were does that accompanied and now insurance minded speeches from Geico, let's talk about, to illustrate this allow me to tell you a story about how line moved to ten truck twenty five miles using only right index finger, I was stranded when a flat telling, I opened the guy Kelly then with a few trips of my thing that I bet and in the to feed roadside assistants, but ton truck to my calm, I enjoy it youthful to unleash their full potential of your thing to take, I kind, , the Home Depot is boring more and more wash ability scrub ability and affordability, introducing didn't diamond, and primary starting in just twenty-three ninety eighty down, that's up to forty Bucks less than other pink, waving to do the same thing. Perfect pairing of Italian dishes with winds from around the world now you could taste three different lines in one of our new one flights paired with the small played like me Paul's and we're caught a So had to corral of his to try our new food in one Festival menu featuring wind flights in a small plates starting it only nine ninety nine Green today for this limited time menu, colorado's Italian we're talking about, , This is the Cumulus Colorado, that it's with some of the people non profit groups that makes seven Colorado would even better place them out, posted by, Smith in surrounded Connors and welcome to the Cumulus Colorado polls the big cool science Festival is coming up this one comes every year to Colorado college, it's a huge event the takes over downtown there's going to be fun for the whole family so Rod, how are you when Travis in your I get in there, given we're not, , well that's alright is going to be plenty of other people down there to enjoy this so you get to get hands on with Sciences is going be plenty of demonstrations that you can enjoyed the shy amounts is going to be there along with Colorado parks on a wildlife hosting some triviality get those brain juice is flowing, young bought builders you can learn about lay go robotic so that's coming up, oh you this a parks while life, tries you writer big fan side okay you that is there you know you're did. The well they go I sold one take it now, so route it is a free event in what you got coming up, I have a shade talking to me did a with played eight behavioral intervention say have a huge event coming up April eighth out there location, and they're going to be having a big celebration for the is I'm not, and that will be coming up short leave, I wanna talk now about some good news here for Colorado Springs we just ranked third best job market in the country now this is according to a study done by manpower now what this means is that this is a market for the job Seager the Pike speak work for center is having a job fair, geared toward young adults and Ronda is hear from the center so Ronda please talk a little bit about this of it is coming up can't we have a very large job fair for young adults ages sixteen to twenty four coming up on April fourth at the hotel Oleg on tape currently be of sixty-eight employers exhibiting with over fifteen hundred open positions looking for top talent, we also have an adult fair coming up for ages eighteen plus on April twelfth at the hotel a contact, and you've actually had to kick it push employers away from you and fortunately for some down yeah we've we don't want to but we've had such high demand for employers wanting to exhibit.