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So maybe that's why donald trump has had hair that yeah TRUMP HAIR LOSS

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The prostate for benign trust and it kind completion now i believe donald trump's prostate is normal so ice and again i really don't wanna sit here and talk about the prostate of donald trump and but if he's on finance ride that may be the reason now there was a study i believe a long long time ago before i went on air so this was an oh and not the team's of the two thousand see you're pretty soon going to be like the twenties of thirty the forty second of thing but it's not oh's and the team's i guess so back in those i thought that was a senator came out i'm saying that people taken these medications put themselves that risk of a more aggressive prostate cancer and so i told my patients in a they are taking them medication we need to watch a prostate closely until more data comes out so it's a five out of adept isn't dinner and is usually is for margin of the prostate glennon men but they've found the also prevents hair loss and so maybe that's why donald trump has had hair that yeah right airy kind of so the but a cover it covers what it means to you know oh no you know tonight to look at the whole side p in the in the end and the you know personalities of these you know now if donald trump ever we're trying to go for the i'm good looking okay i don't know if he's ever done that i remember the bush's used to be very good looking when they were younger so i want to be surprised they're trying and then you know ronald reagan cowboy you know he i yeah nixon was a football players he man trying to be a stud jimmy her i don't know i don't know it jimmy carter you know neck and then you know bill clinton yeah he thought he was on that suns marian you know they call donald trump a narcissistic you know went eight you know these worried about his hair yeah get a lot better worried about their here i i don't think either known the as he could as a narcissistic qualities i don't.