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Listen: "Only ran the ball three times, I need more"

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Justin Edmonds
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Down that was not is every team you've been on not been like that Orson unusual what it's if you don't have success you don't win and Guy started do their own thing right away and you've seen that got guys who were about stats more about numbers i've never once heard anybody on Carolina talk about Paul we head to Texas today only ran the ball three times I need more and you see an from some parse Cardinals game using Adrian Peterson hey any more curious on CBC reviving the ball thrown a me more you don't hear that in Carolina all you hear bodies did we win yes we won an that's where everybody's happy because at the end of the day their coach Brees the USTA say how much so that is Ron Rivera was it's been run and he brings hey former player mentality play for arguably one of the best teams of all time National Football League not just the way he played on a good team double on a good run no one of the best teams of all time what some of the greatest player to ever play the game and some players look at him and I buy it by in the what he's preaching because he's done it before he's done with some of the best in best coaches as well so if I was when I wanna listen to the guy who's done it for the rain and had that success I won't will coach tennis and so you listen and everybody believes in and you see it but he's on the sideline he doesn't have to you know there's not the screen is gives you know they know they know does Denver is best beat Carolina's best Denver is best be Carolina's best I think only outside a lot of people would say no but to me I think him first best can beat I think Carolina's best because we're not too far removed I feel like the what I saw from Peyton Manning to two seasons ago come on really under still in my like MVP Peyton Manning you you dig deep down and have won those tight games that's the scary part about football is that you always think about that guide the to watch growing up they have that one more moment that one more time can he did where we don't know him he find it somewhere is their running game nine touchdowns and 17 picks yeah regular season it's a poll season that because if you put the only other side you saw the team that had everything go all form and got blown out by snap right you know so why can they be them now you know to me it becomes Only outs I wanna look him Jim inada so yes you know do I believe it not all believe at their best Danvers best can be care I don't think so but what we have seen before said we saw Denver when they were best Indiana fail he beat Dale by Seattle and I don't forget those things I don't forget though saying I think those guys now you know that you said you know forget those they asked if you're on the wrong side of beating like that and you that guy you not proud you wanted baseball time we think he did with that not Mosul search you don't you don't.