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Why I Volunteered To Fight In Vietnam

Author Tom Garvey explains what compelled him to enlist in the military during the Vietnam war. Tom Garvey's novel "Many Beaucoup Magics" tells the story of an American Soldier and his journey during the Vietnam War.

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"The war should be fought by the poor kids and the minorities"

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I volunteered, I had a student deferment, and I was in college and I was disturbed by the news reels and what I saw and that other people were, other people were fighting the battle and I, what was in American History class and I remember there was a kid that was really wealthy, he had a new corvette, a college student, had a brand new corvette and he was sitting to my left and one of his best friends came in and sat on the other side and they were kind of talking over me before class and he said something that was despicable to me that he would never have to go, and that it was important we fought this war but the war should be fought by the poor kids and the minorities and things. - Wow - And he even used the expression, he used the expression thinning out the heard, that was his fathers philosophy, but he would never have to go but he supported it, he was big on the war. And I walked out of class, I got up and I walked out of class and it was raining and I walked across Chester Pennsylvania to the post office and went into the recruiting office and volunteered, Air Borne, unassigned Vietnam, which is pretty extreme. - That is. - Yes? - No, I was agreeing with you, that is pretty extreme, especially for someone who probably the day before hadn't planned on doing it. - No I hadn't, it was impetuous, it was, yeah it was impetuous.