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Listen: Sam Bradford team was gonna be the for the team but they were unable to do so

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End he's nearly there in New York for the highs meant ceremony a bigger may Fielder's attacked this opportunity where he's seeing the most growth from him from the beginning of the year to where he is now well I think the one asset you can measure and you can't analyze his heart an an easy I feel like hasn't in states you know he's he's never out of the play and never out of the series Never out of the game because the that mentality that he has an and it's it's a bit magical very hard but you're finger on I think he's technically very similar player 21 tech is tech what helped him so much and why I I would bullish on Oklahoma before the season the fact that he would then this often and that that the that you know he was familiar with what Lincoln Reilly was gonna bring in so he had a leg up on the competition their understood the reason there civil it's gonna be required and that allowed him to play more free it doesn't seem like he thinks too much on the football field is is a guy that is able to play fast or at least up as a speed that he's capable of because he's not thinking about the technical aspect of what's going on and off and that's paid off with huge dividend this year for Oklahoma I had a chance to work in Oklahoma for a couple of years still in that was back when Bob Stu says first starting out the sooner is an one that national championship it feels like that's a long time ago they have been close several times but they've also had some major disappointment over the last ten years ended BCF NBA bowl games in your opinion Joel what is held Bob's tubes an Oklahoma back from claiming that second championship not gotten that question a few other times in Amy I think it's a great question I think that it's it's a tough answer but I'm not there is an answer I would say this that that if you go back I think the the last team to win the national championship that it was just unquestioned but they were the team that was gonna win it and then they went on to win it wasn't even in all five Texas a wasn't any of these Alabama teams would make statement is probably 2001 Miami but every team since then you know you have to get lucky I think Oklahoma you've award rookie in two thousand one they were able to go in the national championship you know to some respect she's We have to be fortunate to get that you have to have a bumper the ball go you're way and unfortunately for Bob Bennett gummy other direction on on a couple different occasions he said teams around enough the land Sam Bradford team was gonna be the for the team but they were unable to do so clad to FOX Sports saline College Football analyst getting set for these Nationals on my Finals giving us the cliff knows when I ask you know hey no until we appreciate that gonna take a quick break for our uptake and then will get to that second game between Alabama an Michigan State It's After hours with Amy Lawrence.