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Canadian Rock Band The Strumbellas Share How They Got Started 

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Jason Davis
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Yeah we're going to get it for eight years the story on adam craig's list and yeah and we just you know we're really good looking and some cannon i'm has it in easygoing we're hasn't been a struggled the last eight years as you look back on it now how his the journey seemed to you at the start it on what i can't speak myself ummm when you're in a ben your starting i just you think you can get famous to like the next day to like all would play to show it to showcase is going to be some famous record producer there and then boom you know the millions come in but it's not really like that so wait fresno like that in the nl i didn't think we were playing this farmers markets i was like no man tomorrow it's just all come in i don't want to talk about that because you got is played the toronto former's market alot apparently all yeah yeah there's a couple around the city and the people in general when there to farmers market do not attention to the band right that is walk bide him a glance your way there for the freezer vegetable we actually had a guy walk by with ajar pickled and go this is great pickle by a musical whitehead grateful for you it was pretty sweet all of that yeah i know lane some will sort of what i thought that the record producer did and you know yeah ninety just be getting vegetables in though because they got to eat right he'll get a lot of that they love radishes a stunner so it was the journey like to finally get hooked up enough to be able to make a record have a manager and end and make a livid do it music is that's i mean that's a tough transition to go from your day job to what you really wanna do which is being totally and we're dreamers and we just come we just kind of kept doing it and you're right that journeys incredibly hard and most more specifically after a second record this is way after we thought would be famous by then and you value meet they've is up your first yet bases let us know what's over two records d revive years on the road and we decide to try to go into the united states and everybody back almost like dude's and tony right now the united states is so hard to break into don't do it o can really just question so you're ban for five years you're in canada an during none of that five years did you think hey we should try to break into the united state know we were we were just kind of wonder when i like one off.