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The Latest On The Brangelina Custody Battle 

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Anthony Harvey
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And to leave that position it was as if with intentional and bad and you know the fact the children services is now involved the fact that the kids do seem to be you know i don't know if all of them are but the they seem to be citing revenge a leaner and have an issue with brad you know it doesn't bode well for him but this is going to be this is all about custody and that's all it is about it's not about money but there were only mary two years they had a pretty not money's taking care of this is all gonna be about custody at this point and this be pff's investigation so are we talking when you say custody you mean where the kids live or how much he once the sole physical custody only wants to give him visit patient and that's really an usual in california because judges that they play burks joined custody now i know he's going out for sure he posted the when he filed as they answered and that's going to set up a you know a possible legal war but she feels that begins aren't safe with him and you know the breaking point for was what happened on the airplane so that's going to be a big issue when they're going to have to figure out how to settle it my guess is an they will because i don't think you're ever wants to go to trial and i i i think they legitimately both one to protect their kids from a trial yeah i was going s exam no you're very close with one of the attorneys in the case i'm sure you know the reputation of the other it seems likely that this is something that they're going to hammer up behind the scenes tillman never gonna court right well i mean look relieved that the warriors involved in this have a track record for settling and you know i don't know if they're going to do but in a night honestly i think a lot of it's going to be driven by the clients and you know it's really what's within their heads right now i mean ultimately they have to decide whether solution short are going to court is comfortable to them minutes got to be up to them and she seems to go on a line in the sand and said look i once sole physical custody.