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Listen: of these people they surveyed said he'll be a better financial shape

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You know the economy is improving slightly and I think people hope that the next time we have a change in government regardless of who's in the White House run of some kind of attacks deal amateur have some you know other progress on Capitol Hill old improves be underlying begin on the situation be numbers come from fidelity investments seventy two percent of these people they surveyed said he'll be a better financial shape in twenty sixteen but they were twenty fifth team that's not close that's a majority of people that believe the they're going to be more healthy financially in the coming year then they were in the past year gym and that's a good sign because happy people spend more don't they they do you know on and might be due to the retirement of baby bombers like maybe you know less so the bigger harm work jobs opening up her younger people and it's looking brighter per college graduates is well Progressive more demand her skill people an further some and the graphics that work in here as well so everybody will feel good I guess until we realize at the Social Security system really has bankrupt a that's gonna Barack but right you know its that party time will happy people spend more on the big things that will will they drive a housing sales will they drive of a greater investment in the stock market and so all those numbers don't appear to be quite as good number trail become but you know when you know they real wagon household formation and how forfor measure this when he on couple marries goes out and by over half a memory get all the year end Ferrari products you need washers dryers lawn mowers you name it and I may have kids and hit and they're spending money for her products further children because of the recession people were postponed marriage number one because of the changes in banking walled it was very difficult to get mortgages would still is that slowed down right about powerful formation too I think like him through south from seventeen maybe later next year you will see an increase and young people buying known dumb people getting her either i have we got here is you know maybe are missing some big social change were young people just not gonna get married anymore.