Gunner Recalls What It Was Like On Aerial Missions During WWII

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all are only were told wish you fly in, drop your bombs behind it's not many places in this country and Islamist all these planes in twenty, when we land and they were Russian, we off of all planes never point two to three years I'm not sure why why was but they didn't, actually want up with the to watch missions in the recession crew, and speaking of superstition ocean we were we were concerned we get to know missions we're he put another cruel and going on in August of nineteen forty four stenciled be twenty-four took off on the mission that for most of the crew was their final mission Don that still gonna risk ill to Mission short of completing their tour of duty, and thirty fifth mission arteries here it won't up, we we're coming back we got across the channel and, i think it known this crazy thing to do but the mission to leave, the group of and use given permission Asia's we that thirty three five items is is permission leave group, commanders permission next thing I knew were heading down and we head shot all the way back to the base and here we are in the issue, over trade over trees under the notion of a leave the base is great, she she was really could but I I think, something can happen you know and I listen to treat or something and they're gone you know to an end and then he called back and to be two hundred Michelle mission, i found out this morning when we're being breach, the that you're flying your last mission you don't have to do the other to which I mean this really happy