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CEO: What Motivated Me To Launch A Business

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Justin Sullivan
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One thing well sure as early as early henry how clear what motivated you to launch of business enjoy la grew up work in the clutch i'd look around murray money sporting events are my scouting eventually and as i stopped that's what we're showing up and supporting their kids their sons one thing that i saw that they have in common is no thirty one year old company and you know my ability up to see such wants to determine and and just did it just just wanted to provide arm and i thought look like it seems with the way that i wanted to be are going to be around build a few matches with and whatnot of so with that simple naive understand without a one oh mental company on announced an enormous going through it i certainly it helped get unlike family and i think i didn't have the money to building sophomore throughout the toward that the team was planter than a young chose to serve the mission of pro my faith in down the south america for two years from the timing was nineteen to twenty one and those two years just so the main third lowcountry just constant and in helping people in and and i got involved the leadership down there and helping the manager the mission then just all of that attributed to that desire to one on one accompany him and working with people in so when i came home and start college only might very first business while i was in school i thought and i'm gonna i was just looking for note delivery company is as rank as the second shut up and they went out of business and i thought you know from a started company iq you only one out of business and will try to fix what i saw that they were doing wrong and so i went to work through put together it's a business model unless that there is some before never launched i was brought out there belittle a ton of money but it certainly not my confidence from there i started graphics company in an from that graphics company i got into a party much strength which involve him to he striping doing airports let it go to the contracts in that position a lot of company one might be a child won't which is a hall said distribution company among and we we actually modernized until falling centers on and which she putting restaurants remains entertainment facilities weren't and not an open mind it my mind to the restaurant world.