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Readily Available, Bootleg Fentanyl Is Killing Thousands In The US

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Drew Angerer
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Thanks for being with us monday to here's how big america's hewitt crisis has gotten in greedy answer the deadly synthetic narcotic fend to know our so easy to obtain that mom and pop drug labs our crop in up around the country well street journal reported john camp says it's like breaking bad john what's going on here what's going on here really but we have the struck up clinton on the pelicans go product the real party can the globe powerball it really really talking about it bootleg version that is largely made in the laboratory in china the goal and when portly october popular in the us killing paulsen to people and with an increasingly getting to people in the form of goals with that illegal public laboratory retooling in the us is well are popping up and it's just not that hard to buy but the globe two eight the hoop machine and to squeeze powder into pill for him to tell the people in importantly there it off something else the code correa less powerful drugs they're a dangerous scorer you deserve who behind old because i think taking something or beauty pumping the play potent but maybe getting comfortable which many many times more potent an ability to other ago drugs.