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Listen: Right here in Boston very well respected second in charge of the

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Right here in Boston very well respected second in charge of the Boston police department Willie draws wha's attacked Marceau a sweet by eight not head Google case after police officer were shot in the face that police officer was a decorated veteran John morning Hannah serves country proudly he was on the front lines over and over and over again multiple deployment overseas during operation Iraqi freedom operation and during freedom John warning intake supported the face yen what people do they write it becomes the gunmen what shot dead by police and what do they tell the second in command him by the way he's African American in grew up in the projects and they tell them go back to the paid paying back hearing there's a bumper nice they bring that's nova so we bring it so we bring it back to back in the big game delighted so I don't just I don't like those moments even you seen yeah I don't know any more right now that it's more right now when it has been war on police which is why I'm very grateful to invite my good friend longtime police officer and wole somebody who came up working narcotics the worst the worst parts gravel city an I have to ask you Russell how do you feel about that kind of rhetoric and I know that this is why cops a facing day in and day out are above when I look at what's happening now am I have to say I'm glad that um were tied at this point it's absolutely terrible what these offices being put through every decision but they make the police officer does and puts invest gone in the morning intrepid gonna go out I que no way to go out there and shoot somebody most police officers after they've been involved in a shooting don't I'm not on the job very long after that stress the psychological stress the legal stress all that stuff is terrible terrible on the offices hey it's nothing that anybody I know would have wanna go Pro so the last thing any off so what's would do was becoming on-off be be involved in an officer involve shooting spin any five said this many times I would have you back me up gives you that in this lie work fright for a long time we wanna give away a radar defense hats fife forever you but you were on the job and all on thirty four years thirty four years India still involved.