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In Tribute: George Foreman's Funny Story About Rival Heavyweight Champ Muhammad Ali

Former Heavyweight Champion George Foreman relates a funny story about his rival Muhammed Ali, who passed away June 3, 2016.

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former heavyweight can't George four-man yet of course a special relationship with Olli he lost the Mohamed Ali in the rumble in the jumble inside year in nineteen seventy-four, told E.S.P.N. Radio funny story about a mutual acquaintance the two shared I was invited a girl allows about A.P. that twenty-eight, to it, with no word to order, but I wouldn't trade of coconut Toner, love, she that minute, she could, welp, what do you want it was on the big yet they have look at me a beautiful look at me on, you know what, beauty, and I got those that I'm navigated degree of appeared, but one night in New York City, you're going down the street Midtown Manhattan, and try to P.T.O. to see what the crowd , what I Lee, he did not only shirt, like and I realize the grill was, and she hadn't been trouble with me down, he would beautiful, you look at all, would get that,