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Listen: "Bruce Jenner changing to Caitlyn Jenner could be done because Bruce was 63 years old" 

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Frederick M. Brown
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Grade and says I wish to identify as a girl though previously born and mail are you say into the school should respond to that should respect that should reflect those wish is because let's talk about the but you know if person one to change his or her name legally just as May can't do it now it that await your eighteen so until the reflects that it can change to the her neighbor I will be loathe to say that a child kid officially declare his or her gender and then the school in response has to reflect that and respect that in other words Bruce Jenner JJ to Caitlyn Jenner be done because Bruce a sixteen three years all but a Bruce was sixteen he would've been able to do it we have to have the policies in place before we give out these directives and the matter which was signed by justice an education department officials describes what's school should do to ensure that none of their students are discriminate into gets but he read some of the Texas well you know student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus cadre with that you do probably too and this was written by John became junior Secretary department education it goes up we must ensure that are young people know that whoever they are all wherever they come from they have the opportunity to get a great education in an environment free from discrimination harassment and violence can we all agree with that yes we all the great but you're thinking things which do not connect here whether this child who believes in his or her heart that they are Transgender identify with the gender opposite of what they were born that is not the same thing as having a place to go to the bathroom or if they do not have that axis that they are being harassed the onus is them on the other students and the treatment of the students not the school facility but there's going to be on the school facility and caught fire in Wall have the law and policy in place as opposed to a letter which goes out which is playing politics this is exactly executive over reach this is where our goal full conservative because there is no just a vacation for this I chalking that changes are her name officially as will be recognized by the state or federal documents so foot shot can not do that then how can it Schaab to clear a gender identity if the shock and even legally changes are her name you have to change some of these other laws before he can start given out these directives you have to make sure that the policy is in place before we can talk about the social Pollock politics and political it implications of all this.