Listen: "My closing arguments to pay tribute to one of the NFL's all-time greats"

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Doug Pensinger
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Man alright doll use my closing arguments to pay tribute to one of the NFL's all-time greats you had your say now Sean has his closing arguement here on the shooting change he has sports radio as I flow home on the Red Eye from the Super Bowl this year a stake in myself self I'm really glad Payton got that second Super Bowl because it always used to be aggravating to me to hear people try to analyze his career in sailor one Eli has more SuperBowls of him look Eli is a good quarterback peyton Manning is a great quarterback No one of the all-time greats and it was a pleasure to watch him executes in an NFL game and also to look you know this is his stretches where he scraped is needed City failed a little bit always seem to bounce back I think you made the right call because I know that it would've been alluring to maybe be a Texan or maybe Bure wham and try to move on and and and recreate your career it I would've hated to exceed Peyton Manning in yet another uniform because when he left the Colts uniform he went to the proper uniform and guess what the Ward with dignity and and you know what he also dead he brought the respectability a Super Bowl and another chance a Super Bowl it was a fantastic investment by John Elway in the Broncos Don't let Brock Osweiler get away the John Elway Don't be dom unless you think there's another quarterback who can come in and save the day for you peyton Manning it was an absolute pleasure to watch are playing career in college and pro and whatever you do next please could you run the Philadelphia Eagles forward the might be too much to ask thanks Peyton that's better man four quarters went really fast today what really really fast I appreciate is so many of you were involved in the showed a whether was on the phones or on Twitter remember I would say to you all week long the showed never stops on Twitter that Jackie Katie check out our Facebook page too I which I will promised I will check in West today try to answer some of Euro commentary there and I appreciate the hard work of Anthony in ALEX and now marker in a this morning to doing a fantastic job on my behalf and you Wars so we have an entertaining show every week thanks so much next week you kickoff selection Sunday with us selection Sunday will dawn with the jacking Kate show so make sure you're here for it and I will pretty a pretty of insights and have some fun with that too here is my hope that he will have a great week if you're selling Klein Duffy in for Dee onside on Friday night too so had a great week from the jacking cage owner of CBS were traded.