Listen: "What are you suggesting the rule change would be"

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Jason Miller
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We have recently best of Marcus Friday he as with the network that play NFL here because that is not the right I've clear that this does it all she lifted an option too well well and is there he has Perrault all football for us it's so they know I'm here later in the NFL it'll hurt the legal and they should well he has died off Court and as well everyone of the yet the NFL that eat I felt and for for the local knots are here but it won't I was very him but he later he says that it does it how that sets us after you know the record all that money you know they shoes you know to play for the year further another lightly it's just off all that it looked up for that and innovative college for just that Butler so what are you suggesting the rule change would be I think it should be more Shenzhen you know but if you happen FL you shouldn't miss out on more dairy and you know.