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Story- Listen: "Well a couple of things are happening around"

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Taylor Weidman
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Okay so helpless out at the seven men well indian being glenn casino there something very special going to be happening and what is it well a couple of things are happening around first of all we're going out session this morning leading with native american veteran fluffy offense center that's platinum glove knowledge and after that we will be on bailing for the first time a traveling you see him exhibition call patriot nation quits sharp show i the contributions native american veteran i throughout american history beginning with the american revolution and continuing light up until can i'm not gonna warren carroll wow so okay via now tell us about the exhibit and that you're going to have from what i understand you're going to have banners there there is are going to be like an edge occasional portion of it as well to those that were unaware of of all of the history of how one spurt has been the us military and a revolutionary war yeah well there we call them banners but there really that is the education like information on you can't be sixteen or seventeen banners that park are played more concerned most and look if mccown plays quick united states and you gates and home we we caller the banner show but it's not like like like about it you're actually i'm trying to to contain information and and photographs of and followed really really files so he fired a so we're very happy about it i should men tumbled along and we were able to get it through the game last year from the yeah i thought at all.