Hugh Hewitt On Black Lives Matter

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Mike Gallagher
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The play in me, learn more at read State dot com, that State dot com, Richmond yes best will return to the main on August sixth through the night featuring the thirty artist them around with below, you don't want to just Davis, had fourteen when Paul Kirk Willem and more, Richmond against Esteban presented light brought to you in part by for Julius for lovers Dominion, ended, Richmond region to resume, Richmond B.M.W., that agendas at me, dot com that's Jansen came out dot com for tickets sponsored by Virginia to resume Corporation Virginia Association Of Broadcasters cooperation with the station, I might Gallagher weekday mornings that night, more, he when you wanna imply, he began, the glory American chill Europe thanks for joining me this morning to drive to work, we've got to get up and get ready to go out the door, in the Central Time Zone tentative and as one of the early right in the rock in California charged rate, audio, to bring up to speed I've been talking this morning about the talk With Jim Gary of natural view about race in America the speeches by President Obama in Busch yesterday and the case of Isaiah crawling Cleveland The Cleveland Browns running back who tweeted a week ago picture of a police officer being executed Isis Tiley retweet it it, he's apologized he took it down the call Cleveland cheaper police yesterday, I said Today's going to donate the first, month of his his first game check to The Cleveland. After Benevolent Association doing everything he can use their Murphy out there as their grace Jim guarantee what I think happens here I'm hoping for a little mother Emmanuel greats from I can't get it has to come from place options and their families especially those that watch people on the duty but what happens here, , yeah this is not your guardian variety, it'd be viewed by a professional actually there where they get into a fight this club, we're or public Disorderly, you know that you'd be beat common responded through the days until your account, if I were him he really just believe you talented, I don't have Ian Cole control to recognize a bad idea, I'm not do it look if I were him I get very active with police charities really quickly, and not just like right track I mean just going, being with them doing appeared to the awful did, yup, you clearly feels so you know we needed for a group of Americans who are you know putting their lives on the line and do their best to protect you, , get to know we don't reach your try to connect with them, even if you had being so you've never look that they all week if the greatest of eighth with the guys grow, to that, but he hasn't done yet that the contributions fine in a written apologies final call on the cheap replace including this fine, but what you're really need to do is go made aware now. And talk to him about, what's it like to lose your has been the line of duty, Ok so can I give here are your listeners Houston coast to coast, a preview today it morning you'll is because, my colleague early cricket written a little bit about that than I actually watched it, , just getting better than Obama's remarks The Warriors service yesterday White played all George W. Bush is remarks every minute of them because they were so wonderful tell us about what morning jolt says should've won his of The a lot of people are open arms about his Obama's Comments, we look communities, many guns that if he if you're for teenager to forget it you know that a computer or even a block a let me play that some people here cut number one, we also know what chief Brown has said is true, there's so much of the tensions between , police departments, and, minority community is the base error, his because we have to pleased to do too much, and we asked to love ourselves, and they society we choose to under invest in defense goal, we L.L. poverty to faster so that entire neighborhoods, offered no prospect per game will employee, we were you, the pond drug treatment, I mental health program, we want to communities with so many , understand it is easier for a teenager The, but can get its hands on a computer or even a well. that's what you Talkin about, yeah, you know, he was able to live along unhappy life, but it God forbid if he'll over in some terrible events that attract nationwide attention than their epic fewer older than new moral service, he will, I hope you do it will be their don't hit like a pretty nice feet to speak, because we just can't trust president to not only the event that shouldn't be political, I think it just it will guarantee that he will turn any of that in two of appeared to rally for is that call, Dalton to song, and then yesterday because when defeat, to bring up gun control admit it but that was what could be just went out on the crazy, but even if it put it a little bit better instead, you need community we have too many guns and, you libraries or something like that you'll get that really what those families need to hear that moment, that's really what that gallop police need to hear, you know you know Woodward betting enough to be communities indecent school stuff like that, all the things that we're not spending up money on, yeah it's over, listen, yes listen, it would prefer the moment and then later on, he could often into this for the Red all of us have, in our part, although most of the work that, let's play that lets, can play cut number three, we know that bias remains, we know it. , what do you are black and white or a span Igor Asian or Native American or a middle eastern ascent, we have all, victory in our own was at some point, we heard it, at times and are on home ice, , it more on us, perhaps we heard prejudice from our own head, and fell through in our own hearts, , we know that, and while some so far more under racism smart, , some, feel, so far greater extent, discrimination, although most of us do our best to guard against it, and teach our children better, none of this is entirely on offense, if The, I don't think the president is calculating this is who he is that's the community organizer who can not, put that aside event, looking at an audience of police officers honoring five of their fell off shares a fascinating, yeah, it's like you can't take your scan off, there's this fall in line to be the other way our goal institution isn't early in the year and that includes or Police Department we know that, now he's standing there in front of grieving family, grieving police officers the entire grieving city of Dallas, and if they do it, what they need to hear it that moment, and it's at their love ones shot to get by eight eight, Matt Matt, and if you don't really know, the early end, none of that different from the shooter and into it. and any with force and he had to follow, the Bibeau through that, Mitch perfect of course, you know I gym in the aftermath one bad do one and I don't know if this is the morning , the aftermath the Planned Parenthood clinic shooting, I was out raised the people attempted to paint the pro wife movement is responsible for lunatic I do not believe Black Lives Matter is responsible for a limit and I do believe that's a good unimportant message to put out there that you note salts for the Gustav for the Ganter, I want one stat which is lit a ticks are responsible for limit picks, not to movements, into which context they move have you seen any conservatives making this argument, yeah, an isolated pockets I think it is easier and there's a certain relished what it you know, late last week me the argument of Black Lives Matter feel like they're being on here, Lee, the paint hits with the actions of one not job that they feel like the entire ideas their philosophy of what they step work you'd be defined by being one bottle action of one heat Phil person, I think gun owners know how that feels like nothing pro Lakers know what that feels like getting Republicans note that Fields, its my sense and it down and they actually Stammen Black Lives Matter at this point and say that the let me ask you about politics where we have a moment. Our short list is down to cut Christie hands foreign and it game, each, if in fact my worry is comes true and I prayed doesn't but if fear it well but terrorism will define the fall, but he won on the tech, I I realize all the arguments against Flynn that he apparently is still registered Democrat which would be complicated of that he's make amends certainly make him fell into the Pro lifer, the approach right, you D. think you're right that if he picking Mike split, I just played his new book out and I don't look at it, you could turn the election to a referendum on Obama's counter terrorism healthy, and make the question is due to his minutes ration if not you can use safe and Hillary Clinton is going to be more the thing, I have in the field the site inside amigo Drummond next week, he's been on before that the ideal entrenched group of my interview with him on June Sixer person to do it back homage very good I don't that you know the look about domestic policy I don't care, if I not to this, arguably the Bucks, go to go to great depth but let's let's say he's on the list though I do think it should be Connor Christie I know I love Governor Mike Pence would be a great General Election candidate, Newton is is a little bit doubling down on trumpet yet to seventy plus year old white e-mails. I'm not working for me especially when you've got, good news for Trump, the Pole Semin it's astonishing she really is a liar last question, Jason shape edge and Bob good let the chairman of, coming over said and you to show some referral for purge rate they didn't detail what they said of four paragraph Y. what's wrong with these people they never missed a chance to miss the champs guys so you tweets about that but I had agree with this I mean there's useful for this to the political Roman used to that can be, the Eagles around and I think looking a political realm, it's pretty broadly recognize that, the league but is a new year pathological liar, is the lowest era to earn a live you know, if you build literally did you know, whether that information on them, we've got to get that out of where his lone, July to convert one of the consequence, they're not to be a video out there by Roman just list what she said in what Coney said back-to-back about the way Trey Goudy yet, I guess Republicans here, they've got a little arms when it comes to reaching for the big prize Jim guarantee of nationally always ball Murray is both everyday Jim guaranteed, get the morning chill, Noah brought the mode, , , news, anywhere, you'll hear it here first, when you Hewitt continues, , , if this special alert to consumers who owned back taxes to the I.R.S. due to the financial hardship consumers are facing during the decline in the us economy the Internal Revenue Service is now accepting reduced settlements from consumers on back taxes resulting in back taxes reduced by thousands of dollars an open phone line has been established by federal tax relief for consumers. Welcome back America teary-eyed, I used to tell jump in the backdrop of it on the team, but he would win for the name loaded woes and scored, join now by Philip Rucker never Moodie never below, while some time people, now I'm on the morning good morning for washing post, couple equips things, there's a controversy that is growing in Cleveland about, a quick about football player Isaiah Crowell, Fullback, thirty-four, post a picture replacement being executed and ices said Jeff, Jeff and, and it took it down right away but the blow backspin intense he apologized to call the had a quick employee, he announced today that he's going to done it his first game showered but forty percent more of Cleveland fans pull that dogged by nature D.A. G.W., the D.A. W.G. S. by nature won him release from the team, I look averse to embrace here as this crossed you're your radar yet have you seen a story, and that has I'm out in Cleveland This Week actually getting ready for the condensed and that I've ever heard a little bit of chatter about it, I don't think you're yet sort of entered but a little space where you know the candidate for our engaging Gannon where it correct, overshadow, trumps convention next week but it certainly it that the local Soria will he helped develop, and that's why, I know that the world's needy is competing in Cleveland and this is the local Cleveland story so I expect it to amplified and I just wanted announcer you've got some information's Evan already but you haven't yet to written about it let me ask about Donald Trump is he gets there. Yup race remains an issue, if terrorism becomes the issues if you're will be, you saw it put it the polls this morning he's a handful or it and he's a he's tied to know how to hadn't Pennsylvania what do you make of this movement Hillary Clinton was very badly damaged by the Coley non indictment conviction, , I think that's part of that yet certainly be that the calmly situation was very bad for Brooklyn fans, I think also, you know trumps response to how it went, was pretty good made it a lot order hand, that's something I think a lot of America, support you know supporting him, supporting the only starter for scoring a little bit of order here in the city, you know what's the habits developed remember just one all, all that clinic the act with which has a lot of all summer them from November so fit for him to get a pep in effect, he reputation in twenty twelve so I like it would hold a little bit of judgment which he from our numbers for their twenty it's going to be a close race for thank all the way through at no after the told me press conference he appeared on the Hill and and basically Trey Goudy walk them through the many ways in which only Colon had lied to the Benghazi committee, then Jason shave its chairman of house Herrmann operations and Bob good let your magician Sunday for paragraph when they don't land out they don't detail fans for purge referral they don't Senate Loretta Lynch they said of the us Attorney. Did they were house Republicans ever missed a chance to miss the chance Philip Rucker, so little bit of overreach there but they have a point about her not being completely through all the email situation, I've not heard before their committee threat in an all of her probably statement, over the last year, what to whenever to it that I reporters about it just some of the statement he was making, and that being in direct conflict with wet, F.B.I. Director James Comey said, in his statement that could make it ended last week and yet, travel, she was under, and so might get money and this is a test filled record you know what she said while under of that his most easily and obviously contradicted by were coming said, well I think I, I don't know what it is most like I can tell you see you know reiterated many times but he never seen firsthand classified Mercurial right, through email and of course, coming uncovered fifth at one hundred in incentives, at that and she tested she had won device until me said she had many and she testified again under of that she turnover all overwork related emailed and she had she destroying a lot on him, I mean it's it's skating she just out wide to him, and she had multiple observers at home and what of one further, well I hope they go back and take a second by that happens then another more detailed letter C. on Saturday or Sunday in downtown Cleveland. I hope that they've got great and wonderful combination for the branches the press center good fellas, well what did that, that way for wearing Allen, Ok he enjoyed of Week why you're there are right back America the architect Colorado joint, , you're in the middle of a non stop action-packed information led the huge Hewitt, he's coming right back, , hey America, remember this number Triple A triple eight eleven seventy-two Triple A triple eight eleven seventy-two a connection andor Delray he is the lone officer He is the guy who gets your into your Newhouse he's with Sierra Pacific his might families guys should be your guy can have you were talking about Millennials and young people and parents help in their kids get in the house's Butts is really the time they should actors loans are never going to be this cheaper again, it's just also on the night now there's less on a high percentage appreciation going up five percent if you throw a ton of home youre missing out on a ten percent differential right now there's great programs that are designed for first time homebuyers what I see a lot out there, their children with two down payment also helping imposed trying to teach you but there's all kinds of programs getting announced, folks in the houses for the first time Gaudet left, in Triple A to Blake eleven seventy-two work like on and he's smiling faces you do it dot com, if it mortgage company and M.L.S. 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This is the shoe huge, this is Christie more founder of local expert reel T.D. listen to what one of our clients has to say about all the whole spare very good spirit they make you very coughed the ball what they're doing answering questions in even after sales for I highly recommend, it was arson process just out stand if you wanna sell your house call now eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen or go to sold in five eight dot com certain conditions or exceptions may apply are you looking to sell your house did you know that the average agent him matter D.C. only cells, three houses a here are mine Christie more founder of local expert reality Arbor bridge only has full-time local experts to sell nine times as many homes as the average age if you wanna sell your house call now eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen, will sell your house in fifty-eight days or show buying at call eight six six two two two thirteen thirteen, we this is signed Linda Kenyon and Washington British Prime Minister David Cameron is on the verge of formally leaving office, he's wrapped up his final session of prime ministers questions about house comments where you get that is afternoon schedule will be light, following a brief visit with Green Ellis about, for the second time This Week prime, President Obama will be meeting at The White House with police officers. To show his support for long Fleshman also invited this time or mayor second Bennett's in civil rights activist, Donald Trump is getting close to announcing his choice for vice president one of the finalists former has begun again wretch like in the process on New on Fox News to The Apprentice, Indiana Governor Mike Pence in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are also in the running, the museum on the side of the knot to death can outwit says poking on Bell is not welcome in and now it's a reality game that people play, on their smartphones as they look for virtual creatures well visiting gear, his stature, I am twelve sixty, the answer seventy eighth degrees in cloudy at eight thirty one good morning I'm Scott radio firefighters recovering after getting injured in an northeast easy fire authorities say a two alarm blaze broke down the thirty one hundred blocked a bleeds Bird wrote about to this morning, D.C. fire and E.M.S. tweeted that the fire is difficult to fight because of access points in the buildings depth official saving injured firefighters traded for minor he'd exhausting a section of latest work Road was close through the morning rush our a man is dead after shooting an upper Marlboros, George's County Police responded to a shooting in the twelve thousand one hundred block of, hunter since treated about midnight last night and then was found injured with a gunshot wound he's eventually to mount pronounced dead at the scene investigators to not believe it was a random shooting and destination is now ongoing three people are underestimate incident that led to a brief lock down at the US capital this is what cause the locked down the Gavin on. And that was then and we were pursuing him down D.C. police to catch in the near says that led to a police chase down South capital Street not far from account for Complex yesterday afternoon at one point Lanier says a suspect used to small machine gun to fire shots at police officers in pursuit but no one was injured she says the suspects Carr became damage then stopped a short time later the suspects were, rested after a foot chase, the bell a ninety-five in College Park so I saw action and activity off to right shoulder local lanes interlude without way between the head high right into ninety-five action right the beginning of the window to North on two ninety-five watch for the a's from the split merge also fifty inbounds winds up from four ten can work avenue to ninety-five northbound life, McGowan laboratory wrote, two ninety-five southbound jammed up from Eastern Avenue toward just parents East capital streak, running heavy and slowed their Third Street Tunnel North on Chandler from the streaking New York Avenue this report brought to you by Rueben tourism, rube is your short cut to adventure with practically guaranteed eighty-two and Sonny you can do everything under the sun playing a short cut to happiness today ever Ruben dot com local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now you're exclusive Accu Weather forecast an am twelve sixteen, answer for these early warm and humid today there be showered cure around also a couple of have a afternoon evening thunderstorms high eighty-six. Article on the warm and humid tonight Los seventy-six tomorrow partly sunny hobbled human afternoon reading from the summers Foster the hires like to be around ninety-five, Friday partly sunny cotton human high ninety-three, what your eye for the forecast, I'm meteorologist elevator ups to the sideline and twelve sixteen The dot com, , , the minutes that gives you do it thank you for listening this morning, I'm not but that person to give the Nash to soothe advice on how to release a movie because his pass movie The been extraordinary is new movie Hillary, America Hillary's America comes out on July twenty second the website at Hillary's America the movie dot com Hillary's America the movie dot com, but if I were him I would reap re cut the trailer it's a great Trail you go see the trailer at Hillary's American the movie dot com to include the exchange between Trey Goudy, Chairman of The House Benghazi Committee an F.B.I. Director James Comey last week wanted director calmly, should tick ones that you never sent or received in the Class A but information over private email with that true, our investigation found that there was class but if mission so it was not true, it right, a source said, about, well on the Liberal though Shorter answer show you and your quite as long septic Len said there was nothing more class of Ott on her e mails either center or receive was that true. That's not true there were small number of portion marking I think three of the documents, one set I did not email in a classified material to anyone almighty Mel there is no classified material was that truth, there was classified material you know, check to Clinton said she used just one device was that true, she's mobile devices during the four years, of her term a Secretary of State, check to climb said the work related to the Bills will return to the state department was that true, now we found work with a team else thousands that we're not return, check her claims said neither shoot nor anyone else deleted work related e mails from her personal account was that true, that's another one day answer, we found traces of work related e mails, in on Devices are in slack space whether they were deleted or whether when a server was change that's something happen to them there's No Doubt that work related e mails that were removed electronic Lee from the the email system, start there Clinton said her warrior shred every one of D.E. Mills and work overly inclusive dead her Warriors Ryu D.E. Mel content and eventually, no, so that is what I would put in Hillary's America the movie dot com trailer, because that's Hillary's American the movie dot com crescendo, and every, I just that's Hillary's America one in which she gets the line get away with that and nobody else does that's Hillary's America serve in the does not need advice remain his movies are always. Big blockbusters I'll talk to next week in Quinn like I did last week about it but that's how I would re cut that trailer and that's what if I were the Republicans on that house committee, the Joyner for Oh I would just play that audio and I would cut it down I would make it quicker I would make it would make an exhaustive she lied so many time she purge yourself before the congress, and she got to be held accountable, now I want to go back to the Isaiah Crowell story as Philip record just said from the washing post everyone the media, around the world is a competing in Cleveland and the biggest during Cleveland's man fourteen twenty listeners on and fourteen twenty after No, it's about The Browns, young fall back huge thirty number thirty-four I believe his twenty-three he's a cat and I stand by that but by that General is not that, the youngster young man, but I believe when you're you're a team to twenty-five you're still a kid in the world, we're still making your way to get Closer to thirty a figure it out, Jay made a really stupid mistake, I share crawl tweeted a picture last against a Graham, Instagram day picture, other police officer being executed Isis battle, he immediately deleted it too late, the world rightly condemned him in came down on him, and there is a poll of Cleveland Browns fans at a fan site. Dogged by, nature dot com, D.A. W.G. has the Y.A. nature dot com, I go to that side pretty much every day and acclaim Browns fan i own Season Tickets and I've been written about the insect, because it's a disgusting image, for a fake thing, and being injury he did, to the families of the fall on my friend Mike Gallagher he show follows me in many parts of the country, I hope might deals with this because Mike's a friend of police families who lost their loved ones, on the job, he's Gallagher's, our main dot org, provides support in the form of checks to the families right away to raise a lot of money This Week, support Dallas families but he doesn't all over the country and if you got to Gallagher's Army dot org you'll see the pictures and than the engine the stories the beach or the options the United States, who fall in the line of service and their hundreds, so Mike stepped up I can't wait to hear what Mike says about this but I, I do believe embrace of the mother Emmanuel Church Pint, when the victims of that her reflect Slaughter, publicly and personally for Dave Dylan ripped the killer, it's powerful forgiveness powerful, and so I can't give it, I'm not a police up here and I'm not a family of some little who died, yeah I I don't know what the stress everyday have of of the threat out there from assassins as he struck in Dallas in struck a New York another places. But I would love to see grace exercise German if it's possible for people to forgive him I would not cut him, he donated his first game salary that's fine if not what he needs to the needs to go see the family you need to go ride with copied needs to learn, call in Philadelphia, we're still waiting Paul what he said, I'm here, thank you sir Debbie N.T.D.P. get Abby on this morning, great to be there just friends with it, overall hole climb the foot, four, , but what, I noticed that everybody, they think nobody looking for the cure, and a curious, someone get arrested, people, the arrested, you don't know that, Middle East, in losses, not only was it out of Orange Bowl, explain what I never get out of the current never got out of the asked, in that, if you are, the statement, news, black people that are right there to stakes first there'd over all, but this one, they don't behave, one in the case of this daily can still because they all, I believe we did we don't know we do not know, and so I I I'm not coming any conclusion, one, because as a lawyer and maybe that's my lawyer training, you can even even after got all the evidence a new sifted through it you still don't know what happened and we don't know, stats, there's who played with one is that so many people do not know. The arrested, yet this young man, complete will have to be among all Maki for at least get they hosted instructions one outs in here, notes, uncovered, people I respect police, is there light, that that will be great for him that would be and I hope he's got L.B. got advisors that's exactly right Paul thank you great call from Philadelphia this morning Donald Trump was on Bill O Reilly last night here's what he had to say about Black Lives Matter cut number fourteen, you know was retract once resume, the number fourteen the first time I heard and I should you have to be getting they can be used that that they just can't, it's a very very very divisive termed there's no question about and I've heard what you've had to say I think it's a very divisive term, the group itself, are they helping America are hurting America, well I would say that dividing American I think that you know statement said I've seen ice sell What they said about the police in various marches and rallies I've seen the you know moments of silence called for for this, horrible human being who shot the policeman, and I you know IEDs, I've seen it and I think it's certainly is very divisive and I think they're hurting themselves, let's go to the continued on about, though it's very very level headed with a Roy last night cut number fifteen, well I've been saying even against main the system is range and when I ran as a you know Fletcher president I mean I could see what was going on with the system and the system is really get. Anybody, we have to fight if you know, that's not gonna let their spirits know what I'm saying is that not necessarily wrong and there are certain people where on fortunately that comes into play and I'm not saying that I I can relate it really very much to myself I have to refocus you go on the Africa, you know he's going, he understands when people take him out a contact, and and abusive so I I get that cut number sixteen, I thought they were terrible I thought it was a by the way, police in the zone and Louisiana at this point, sixteen, performance and I saw, now whether that's training whether that's day choke today got scared are nervous I mean, the one man who was, being stepped on and and then shot in particular I looked at that I said Wow that spanned that spanned, the other one in the car really bad but I guess they could say he was going stories license or identification and maybe thought it was a gun so but it was bad both of them were very very said so maybe that's lack of training, maybe it's bad people I don't know why such as shed thing to see knows he's the engine about it is or anything, to go a step further, a step further when you saw the policeman shot, I mean how bad boy Zach and we can allow that asset, the message turnaround show which can allow any of it to happen. And Donald Trump one more cut number seventeen I think it's training its training gov the place and by the way not to say I think The Police ninety-nine point nine percent them and I think the place to an incredible job in this country than you know the problem with two instances like this which I think we're terrible, but they get broadcast on television and today, it was good work that the placed as the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of cases where to place to phenomenal workout mob big fan of The Police of this country, call Reimer's on C.N.N. yesterday said this about the situation the country cut number nineteen but I don't know if I'd say severing worse I think all of us as leaders have an obligation to do what we can to unified people in this country, and we can't just talking of case in with a half before you know vacation, I do think our politics have been pretty poise and I think our politics have been and in bad in Washington and around the country and that we're including people's notice, and that we are saying that if you work for the other side of the aisle that if you try and I'm reach across E.L. that a good idea sometime year betray earn trader and we start competing each other's notice, I think we have to go back to making politics about a contest of ideas, start talking about principles in the solutions and I think just do in that can elevate the kind in tone of our debates we can actually starts always from problems in this country back to the phones Marty in Cleveland what do you think Marty.