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Listen: "The Lakers are off until Tuesday, they'll take on the Nets up next"

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Move to thirty seven forty one and won the season the dogs and for two thirty-four nineteen in eight on the year college basketball USC valid now eighty seven sixty-five earlier today throat junior Dakota fond of attended tonight forty one points the night the Trojans shot forty percent before felony forty seven percent clip USC moves to nineteen and neither click on the court and stayed up now and did Clippers have a day off of the calendar that's tomorrow night for the Staples Center kept all that action right you're did over sports the Beast nine eighty the Clippers are coming off a win against the Kings in their last game there thirty eight twenty on the year they dropped two of their last four the Clippers warriors the Pacific fifteen games it back to the top division the Lakers are off until Tuesday but they found the net setbacks head coach Byron Scott of the Lakers says like guard Kobe Bryant will likely play both the Tuesday night as well as the Wednesday night games Bryant did not attend practice with the team today after sitting out in Basel the Grizzlies on Friday night the thirty several Bryant is averaging seventeen point per game while shooting thirty-five percent the field he's also averaging twenty-nine minutes per game is his twentieth and final NBA sees.