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Listen: "Allegation nba warriors known nba that's twenty four and four" JETS DOLPHINS

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Match up saturday night matt moore making his first start since january of two thousand twelve threw four touchdown passes and leading the miami dolphins to a thirty four thirteen win on the road against the new york jets dolphins with a win down that in five but their first winning season since two thousand eight bowl season kicked saturday and bowl wins for san diego state new mexico southern miss in arkansas state aztecs found out of free they ran for a hundred and fifteen yards becomes the all time leading rusher inept vs history san diego state beat houston thirty four ten and the las vegas ball minnesota football players dropping their boycott saturday they will play in the holiday blow players began avoiding on thursday after ten players were suspended in relation to a sexual assault allegation nba warriors known nba that's twenty four and four saturday at home they beat the blazers by forty five one thirty five june and he another night another triple double for okc as russell westbrook thirteenth of the season fiftieth of his career that's part of game any get have going on friday every night i'm we may make the game you know one ended westbrook twenty six points career high twenty two is susan eleven rebounds thunder and all between the suns one fourteen one oh one ten straight wins for the years been racquets houston on the road in minnesota beating the timberwolves in overtime one eleven one oh nine james harden twenty eight points thirteen this is there's a one nineteen one await home victory against the lakers kevin love twenty seven points and seventeen rebounds college basketball number six kentucky ls the never seven north carolina one oh three one hundred monday on mike in mike tom wanna lewis really get donovan mcnabb with the ladies from the nfl including the preview of papi's which speaks mike in mike starting at six eastern on yes pm radio when yeah into.