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Why Was Music So Important For Soldiers During The Vietnam War?

Vietnam Veteran Doug Bradley, Co-Author of the book "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", discusses the role music played for soldiers during the war.

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"Radio was our internet"

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Well music was just about the best things that we had, it was a connection to the rest of our generation back in the day before you know modern times, radio was our internet so we all listened to the same music whether you lived Buffalo or Boston or Cleveland or Chicago we all had pretty much the same disc Jockeys and the same soundtracks so it was a way for us to be connected to one another at times in Vietnam there was a way for us to sort of form communities to forge bonds and to survive, and frankly in the aftermath of the war what we found out from these conversations with vets some of whom haven't talked about this for 45 or 50 years, it was a way to  finally get back home and to heal.