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The Science Behind Why You Can't Eat 'Just A Little' Fast Food

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 why can't you just. A little bit of fast food because when you eat fast food the composition of it does something that dangers these nerve sells in you're brain writing that makes it hard for you just need a little bit of a fast food right there other physical things like gone as well and so, hold the heat forward system where you start eating these things and you just don't feel forward of any one more and more and that's what real is obesity is about that, eating certain things you know what we call fatten foods anything that you could think of the that name does something that makes it not is killing it should be sea wind up eating more right I alwaysI but they maybe I'm wrong but maybe you're proving that I'm right I don't know I say that it might be your fault but you take that first cookie but once you do that cookie has its own agenda. That physical chemical reaction biological reaction on you and that's gonna make great more and more and more and more and more, that there is some truth to that in certain people right other people where you tell them you wanna cookie there's no way they could do because right that sets off something that's very hard to control okay so what what determine whether you are a one cooking person, going to stop and after that are you know a black person bearer number of factors, oh and be their halfway through brain that have to do with addiction path ways that have to do with former the ones that are easiest to control the