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Kobe's Final Game VS. The Warriors Chance at the Record

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Thearon W. Henderson
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When there's a historic day in the NBA not only do we have Kobe's final game but we have the Golden State Warriors going for history a seventy third when something that has never been done in NBA history there was a lot of conversation today across all media platforms TB radio Internet whatever comparing the Golden State Warriors to the ninety-five ninety-six Chicago Bulls and we can we can dabble into that conversation a bit but in interesting debate that I wanted to have is which do you hear about Moore The Warriors winning seventy-three or Colby final game because when you compare the ticket prices the price is in great detail way but the ticket prices for Kobe's final game as well as The Warriors final game skyrocket but the average price for Kobe's final game is more than the average price for The Warriors so you have the option which you do have the option if you have your choice Wednesday night they're can only be one bold on the same exact time or you watching The Warriors goal for history or are you watching Colby Bryant's fare well game which storyline is more important to you eight five five three two three four NBC eight five five three two three four six two to you could tweeted me as well at Scott's on their time now we like to check out what's trend.