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Listen: "As Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs did"

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Rich Polk
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When you come back the following year after missing the season to Hodgkin's lymphoma as Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs did not only did he come back and was able to play at that level which he performed was nothing but astounding I remember watching him early on and my wife haven't been the room my wife could possibly care less about sports are football are usually bowl whenever that as of the defense and I pointed out Terrance you know this guy cancer last year missile years de su she said to watch a few measures that guy I mean you never would know he was back to a hundred percent phenomenal group for him great story great story to thrive about one was the easiest picks in the might not tremendous and he's a free agent it's wrap up its not to be a lot of people I know for him so Josh in Maryland Josh on CBS Sports Radio.