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Listen: Others proposal in Saint Louis will be well on the road financials

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Christian Petersen
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And others proposal in Saint Louis will be well on the road financials ruined and the league will be haunted this is what the Rams application said and they said that studies demonstrate that Los Angeles is a strong market with great opportunity while Saint Louis is a market that will in all likelihood beyond able to sustain three professional sports teams we had Steve support from single issue here more that later in the next hour saying that's not true I covered but the hockey games of covered baseball though the Cardinals It's a great baseball talent but when the Rams were winning get all they they supported the football team so I I would say they could supported NFL team it's just the stank rocky doesn't see Saint Louis As a viable market for him for his team can we say two billion dollars more value two-year Team II am not only two assists in only value but think too well you know I just explain to you he'll Kroenke he will owned the stadium out here you know heal alone will chip some people like the old their home so people wanna read so if he's gonna be in this the value in the VA business minute Why not because not only doesn't really have the Rams IQ and put other things in the stadium is gonna build I mean the what I've seen in the structures incredible in terms of shopping in theaters and all all kinds of things that go with it an He does a splendid NFL rules any three quarters of the vote will see will see how they vote on K F WBC K of the movie HD Los Angeles very good Phillips three lunch like yeah I mean cities if you try and an we kid because we care Christopher I see.