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Earth and Environment

New Study Suggests Plants Are Grabbing More Carbon From The Air Than In Previous Decades

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Dimas Ardian
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Of carbon dioxide that treason plants have been grabbing from the atmosphere has increased trevor keenan a research scientist at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory felt that plants have been in hailing more carbon dioxide through photosynthesis but they did not x or see oh two into the atmosphere through respiration so this is how the see a two frontline session effect in a set while none of my to study effect of how seem to affect supplant your into the second of course suit to it comes fisher's in the atmosphere continue to go up and this means that plants have morris here to to use this sounds like good news since less carbon dioxide is it's he will aided any atmosphere but keenan says the threat of global warming is still there and so even though times are helping us asked whether no continue to do this or not is a big question to tune m's here so going out on so climate change is getting more and more likely to be more extreme in the meantime this research underscores the importance of protecting vital ego systems for science today i'm larry so brandon i'm steven greenberg talking about your next job i reports for your next job often highlight ways that candidates can help.