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Listen: "spotlight on Bon Jovi"

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Ethan Miller
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Oh now and he's your first really is free when a Signup hi Heart Radio puts the spotlight on the show one show he hasn't origins from when lead singer Jon Bon Jovi made key Mortensen David Bryant and informed of and called Atlantic City expressway in nineteen seventy the bad that lasted Jon Bon Jovi also play gives the New Jersey in New York City area in nineteen eighty-three he wrote in some magic goals for in New York City rock station the station including this on runaway and promotional out with us on getting popularity he reunited with Brian fan bases Alex such Drummer to go tourists and guitar streaky Sam Board to the new bands lineup they got a record deal in nineteen eighty-four and after their original named Johnny electric was rejected took the name Bon Jovi from Johns last night they're self title debut was released in nineteen eighty-four and included runaway and a moderate his she don't know me their major breakthrough was nineteen eighty-six is slippery when way and after a strip club in Vancouver Bon Jovi third studio out of a spent eight weeks at number one was a best-selling album of ninety eighty seven hundred best-selling album today and also had the number one hits you give lotta bad name and eleven Ana prayer one job Weise follow-up was nineteen eighty-eight New Jersey which it number one in both the us stand in the UK and had to more never won hits and bad medicine and I'll be there for years.