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College Basketball

Listen: "It's the fourth NCAA match-up between the two schools, UNC has won all three"

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Craig Jones
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Are will to win you know we have found ways to continually make things interesting and we're excited about the challenge they like to get up and down we can't get in a race track with them we're going to have to be able to rebound the ball like we did in South Bend out in Washington DC we're going to have to complete some passes and be good with the ball in the halfcourt we need some guys to have all time nights crazier stuffs happen that specially with our guys this nucleus here they played a lot of and say tournaments now they played a lot of big games and they've delivered on the bright lights we've delivered on big nights a lot this nucleus in certainly there is none Bigger than tomorrow night I told my Doc I should I don't really want to do this and the say well we'll talk tomorrow and you know five you know what the game starts I'm moving pretty good him well do whatever but you know maybe I just need a C Paul on the bench so I don't get I got a remember I'm not the forty-one year old guy I've got the job in two thousand and eight to sit down more yeah coach brace suffered a leg injury twisted his ankle of it during the celebration after that Wisconsin win Irish a bit of a battle back in the tournaments they've trailed in the second half in all three of their wins and a couple come down to the wire it's the fourth NC Double a matchup between two schools UNC has won all three and since the Midwest an Easter on the same side a bracket the ACC is guaranteed that a team playing for the national championship sports are all night ESPN Radio when that yes piano happen Chris aligning another team seemingly destined to play for another national title you con went in shop what's the first the Huskies as they're thirty-five with all of it winning streak leap to deduce with the three longest win streak with its into building naval Bryant on the call TV is you come on the top seeded on beaten the Huskies dismantle fifth seeded Mississippi State ninety-eight tough thirty-eight score sixty one twelve at halftime Stewart twenty-two points twelve rebounds for the Huskies and head coach in orient margin of victory and sixteen miss three months with your Demon they were both of the day that's all story not unit whenever he does that he's known for you I just thought the way we move without the ball games.