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Listen: The fact the Bill Belichick looks like you got as butt kicked in a fight

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Tom Pennington
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Got all this other scandal all the southern drama we have Chandler Jones wandering into way police station short less this weird right a guy watering into a PlayStation short less reportedly peaking on synthetic crawl on short list in January you know women that's that's weird that's not normal that strange unless maybe you're peaking Aun synthetic Koran strange now right says my point not talk about the match up not talk about the X and you know we talk about one of their star players who wandering into the police station short less what else we talking about this week The fact the Bill Belichick looks like you got as butt kicked in a fight that's a little weird No team about the host a playoff game ever seem to deal with these things even one of these things was last time we talked about 18 game Wade host a playoff game we talked a player about a player wondering into the PlayStation short less brass speaking on crime never When was the last time I talked about a team going into a key playoff matchup with a head coach let is I I don aid Never Andy Reid's eyes not closed not at his key players are wandering around it eight days short list Mike McCarthy I can guarantee awful myself out there between now and the start of the Packer game against Arizona Mike McCarthy will not haveI broken nose i get it i bet almost anything I own I give you the D to my house on that that's not gonna happen i can guarantee in fact that bat what's goin' exact up box Box up D Mike McCarthy broken nose with Pete Carroll having his job wired shut you imagine speedy P talking Rielly really fast with his job wired shut i mean I am Rotterdam Event am concern about the sky break his Johnson talking speaking a broken job told out the red and I once set by wisdom tip holding an I got a poll like at age forty biggest mistake ever if you're listing don't do this go did This dude's I know probably at some point eight Dennis said you you get apology wishing to get about get about having done that yeah get about the longer you Wade The West is gonna be so I don't see this guy well my Dennis tells me an in my DNA says you got him out Jimmy guy game out their impact it is a bad deal the lobby wait the worse he's gonna be you gotta get not in a market that they don't seem so bad a me I feel like they're impacted play a real estate my mouth so I wait and that fantasy is oral surgeon any looks T X-rays any look so my mouth they says women say story jam I know a guy I had a patient once Andy he waited like you he waited nine years old and you but he waited and then one day he did into any peanut butter and Joey sandwich an shattered his dog i said Okay what dare you free went we do this way ankle we do this so point that story Pete Carroll could probably break is Joe off just by talking talk is passing does so I'm a dog Zach a box Mike McCarthy getting his nose broken this week in a box with Pete Judge Breyer Pete Carroll break is John needle or those is happening so this is weird they're both those things happened the Patriots before a key game but it's always something weird with them and that duo both and then if they have to deal with both Den the media did deals with the Patriots has to deal with both questions about one a ballot checks best players going to the cops short less because he may have been may have been waking out like a high school kid passing the Dutch Schieffer The first time yeah I would imagine that exchange would go pretty well Pliskova Suns and the rest of the issue statement that's a that's we'd expect right are on a Kansas City Arroyo the Chiefs were on the jeers we issued a statement that's is whole thing that that was biggest thing the team will issue a statement.