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Trump Explains Why He Finally Acknowledged Obama's US Birth

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Tom Pennington
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In new jersey and new york federal authorities will get to try him first in new york says in part because that's where bomb cost injuries it's not known yet when the defendant who's in a new jersey hospital will make a court appearance or in levenson new york donald trump says he acknowledged the fact the president obama was born in the us because he wanted to get on with the campaign trump did not explain at the time why he reverse five years or promoting the story that obama was born somewhere other than hawaii but he tells a tv station and toledo ohio that a lot of people work asking him questions any wanted to talk about jobs the military and how to get rid of the islamic state group and wilmington a pedestrian has been killed after being struck by a vehicle narrow pharmacy on main street driver taken to a hospital no names are been released and connecticut state police say the man shot by tribal police on a parking garage at fox what's casino yesterday was wanted for parole violation investigator say michael good dale was shot after he pointed a gun and officers.