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Listen: "The federal regulators that oversee the the banks and the other institutions, that's changed"

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Joe Raedle
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Dos you see all the federal regulators that oversee the the banks in the other institutions that's changed their they have a lot more influenced a lot more ability to require companies to do stressed tests to think about how they'd survive if there was another downturn companies hate doing it but it's absolutely absolutely necessary and you need you need a strong principles regular Torey framework or or or the the the worst things and capital lists come out I wasn't in the state to repeat will get class the goal and should the reinstated you know can of thinking they have both an investment side and and and and the commercials either that I think they can but I think it has to be watch very carefully to make sure that there are the kind of walls in between things so that people don't necessarily take risk by investing are capital when we deposit our money in a financial institution I think it's OK but I think you have to have a very very straight regular Torey running to 'So what's going on today with them with the economy Jonah particular the market I mean with within a rough couple months we have Lee's six weeks I get you know why it's a China her so I think there's a lot of reasons for but he sure felt different right before Christmastime behind them In the market is you know down two thousand points Oilers down below right thirty dollars golds gone back up because you see this is as as being edge here is here's what I'm really concerned about the commodity Price's drive a lot of the demand issues and and so there's not a lot less demanding the economy all over the place market should not be leading economic indicator of everything but it is because everybody follows it and looks any care rightly right and if I have any fear it's that is companies trying to bulk up the price of their start they are start laying off people when it started laying off then you start to have rover session or impact in the US as well hopefully that won't happen but I think that's something that we have to watch out for but is there anything drive in this uncertainty errors her a news about the driving the versus the third raiders at any rate to I see so I think it's not all that I'm like what we're seeing in the election here I think it's a lot of fear that striving things were happening so people don't know what's going to happen because the economy bad pull that start to see been to into this country people don't know what's going to happen from a security perspective around the world we wake up every day to something happening somewhere in the world where some bomb goes off somebody shoots upper restaurant when whenever we have Little parties who literally can't get anything done in this country so if there was a crisis it's not like the government's going to be able to step in and really use fiscal tools to get anything going and we have no clue with president United States is going to be run that's that's an awful lot of anxiety creating a or I think the drive some financial wiggle what I here you win here you say that that means that the Suns certainty could linger.