The Correlation Between Cell Phone Radiation And Cancer Might Be Weaker Than You Think

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you have to like hid animals with an enormous amount, Mike way radiation much more than you get from an ordinary cell phone, four lead to go Appliances in order to get that's Linus the slightest increase in for example legions, now, the the grand mother of all sides studies was done in Stockholm Sweden, at the careless can instituted they look not as cellphones but power aligns power lines Jimmy huge overhead cables, and they're houses that are fairly close to these cables The so that he calculate the distance to the cables, and while with the increasing cancer and yes they found a tiny correlation, how correlation has barely measurable, but the far The you were away from these high both his power lines. Thus low where the level, cancerous lesiones that the people got their conclusion that wise that cellphones release only a tiny fraction of their Metta magnetic radiation as he's high powered cables, and therefore in the short-term there's nothing to worry about except it should be monitored and new studies should be done all the time, first of all the two kinds or radiation I notching radiation and nine nine icing reaction, finalizing radiation is like X rays very powerful they will rip Adams apart creating what it caught Adam have Ryan times which are stripped down at arms and these fans can create havoc inside the body in fact eighteen cause cancer, by hitting normal tissue with X rays You can show a definite increase in the amount of Kasten for example, cats cans can't scan zero to get these Gorges three dimension of pictures so the inside of your body have to hit you with sizeable amounts of radiation, and so I would say that if you have a choice go for an M.R.I. scan rather than a cat scan cats can T.Q. with a lot of X rays but M.R.I. scans are known ion nine seeing they are so week they do not ripped Adams apart, now here's the controversy, even though non nine icing radiates night Mcelwain center radio are two week to rip apart Adams, is there some kind of, foreseen effect, and effectively scientists don't quite understand, that could be causing cancer, cause by non line icing radiation. The answer to that is quite frankly we don't know we don't know what the mechanism is but the textbook says they should be almost no correlation but we see us like correlation, between, cancer and cellphones