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Listen: "He viability of this conspiracy theory where the Republican Party interviews with a third"

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Welcome back so it's time for one of the day you if you remember in part one we were talking about he viability of this conspiracy theory where the Republican Party interviews with a third candidate in our office runner you Boyle both the victory Donald Trump nominee every carry plan Denver into a vote in The House representatives republican controlled with during their happy candidate good victory and there are a lot of weight of where that doesn't work out what I like about this theory it realistic it's crazy thing because the reason we're having this conversation is in out of options I know that out of options they can run Donald Trump and rally behind him I mean that that ended early he played for that too many what I know how again and we will yeah I think people on the people of under the native and I know that comes with where they're gonna love me for saying this but think everybody is under estimated Donald Trump and on the native this President elected when he's people have that Democrats need to get that we could get probably will get it in the power on believe I learn how are belief is one of the most powerful thing than American politics the power that he a deal that one in Doha inspires me to do would get out there and do something right what do it hunter protested a lot even if they enter the nothing that if the theme believe that use often rock Obama in both when he ran a no way in twenty twelve ideal little drama has allowed us to empower ours now and buying power ticket mom the people of we're gonna go out we're going to be active ready to be enthusiastic about the Voting process never cracked are suffering from an into healing I know everybody that all of this one man the Pole has were not matter if we are I mean let's be real I mean he not yet that I mean in less than their Mariano where Brady Tanner's people number we've been down now and I'm not thinking about it it view All but there in wary out where.