Listen: "I think it might be a better fit for him"

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Andy Lyons
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I mean yeah I'm a long time ran span men on the ice and I'm not won the Rams are thank better Casey Keenum he'll answer right now I'm a Laker he changed his name to Casey but their effect depending on how much we could get in I wouldn't be surprised if we go four argue three You know whether we get check or one-year contract I'm especially you know but the without girl in the backfield I think it might be a better fit for him but I don't be surprised so if you get a job either the way we've been going out itself I don't know what we're going to do whether we're going to go for argue three I don't huge upside I would have played probably go with are the team that effort after just three outs to be due used I he planned to stay of fate of the team yeah I was a fan winner in L.A. and I walked out so that and then do you feel like they're actually going to put a priority on winning this year could like a wonder about that it feels like maybe to make a coaching change for that reason but I don't know that there really well the owner Stan Kroenke is really committed to making winning a priority this year could buck the rookies more focused on the move and more focused on his brain new stadium yeah I mean I can not directing that you know they're keeping Jefferson along just for the transition under twenty in the fact that you know they thought Gurley who coming off one of it you know about rookies running Backs all guy knows how long Cuba in a yet I mean I've been bat correctly fading that we're not really going to make any big birthday but I think you might make up he turned for this him in the next couple years at least well let's see I held sell because I think the fans deserve more it's bad enough to have the franchise pickup in move it would be really a slap in the face on top of that Kevin Notre who doesn't care about the team actually fielding a competitive product that he cares more about its stadium well that's kind of the reputation that same cocky has developed Robert a call thanks so much for listening in all but name we're going to get to throw more here called.