Listen: "One of the reasons why football is the greatest sport out there"

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Dustin Bradford
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The Rockies only demanded more they've loved it somebody would come along and pickup Closer to re sign him there they would love to dump that salary with her Trevor Story at Shortstop the Rockies are in good hands with Trevor Story I just didn't you know the Rockies I don't know if you Notre not with the owners of this team JT there really was great three guys and they seemed like to think they got a bunch of really good yards in the clubhouse like solid character right so when this happens this is a big black eye an embarrassment yeah right for the fun but it it's in a very Smith for the Rockies organization I can't see Jose Reyes being on this team after his suspension is over Tomas your or sister playing their can you do that for me yep likely Richards really going while thank you glad I'm glad you dogs and I know fantasy football stuff's not I mean play the fantasy I just met my money on Jacksonville lose every week and Rocket and Ohio State to cover the spread in guess what I just paid Margie because of that so you're welcome America free are you really good point Robert backing up for second about two of the guarantees low in a stupid one of the reasons why football to greatest sport so here are two money these guys get an interview Leake guy every every week there's very few bad guarantees and you know what ninety-eight percent guys are quarterbacks and that's what makes the world go around so folly on Twitter on Twitter I'm at one that's the number wonder Rick Lewis hoped we'll follow me on Twitter in radio show is morning show in Denver Colorado on Fox Radio and that's on a cart Radio anybody can pick it up on their two I also did the Denver Broncos regained show and not one of three five option I thank you for heavily on Mass I'm a likewise rather will catch up Sunni and is indeed of course wreck Lewis from the Fox radio there in Denver more to come stick around as the Bush League's on NBC's.