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Listen: "A strong day for Donald Trump, big wins in North Carolina, Illinois, and the winner take all state of Florida"

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Benjamin Krain
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CBS News political endless Leonard Stein or strong day for Donald Trump big wins in North Carolina bill annoyed and the winner-take-all state of Florida Knox Marco Rubio out so even if John case six home state of Ohio through him a life line it's still Donald Trump's election to lose and Marco Rubio has now suspended his campaign President Obama could announces Supreme Court nominee incentives Wednesday reportedly as Mariners choice to two Federal Judges Freese Freeney Boston and Marin Garland Senate Republicans are not expected to hold confirmation hearings bowing to hold out until the next president is in office the nation's second largest subway system sharp non right now and it will be through the day Wednesday I could Madson a thing major traffic tomorrow and the delays being very long eighties due to safety inspections after a fire on Monday CBS is mark grossing Kerber dealing with a system that is close to forty years.