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Here's What Global Warming Would Do To World Economies

A new groundbreaking study by Prof. Marshall Burke of Stanford University looks at the effect ongoing climate change will have on world economies.

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"The world could be 23 percent poorer by 2100."

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A Stanford researcher has put a price tag on productivity based on temperature. KGO810's Leslie Brinkley reports on the cost of climate change. - The Bay Area's annual average temperature right now is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. -  Think of the Bay Area as sort of the perfect temperature globally for people to be producing stuff. - Marshall Burke an earth system science professor at Stanford University published a groundbreaking new study that looked at historical data and asked what would happen to world economies if climate change progressed and the world heated up by eight degrees. - We find that the world could be 23 percent poorer by 2100. - Economies in South East Asia and Africa could see a 50 percent decline in productivity. The data will be central to the discussion at the next big global conference on climate change next month in Paris. - We think our results highlight the large benefits of emissions reductions.