Listen: "The Spurs aren't the only team that's unbeaten at home"

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Jason Miller
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Coming up short one winners anyone who I Leonard poured in thirty-two but he left with a bruised quad after that play no word on the extent of the injury just yet they finished off he won twelve eighty-eight pick up their sixty-eight win of the season Along with improving the thirty-six uno at home thus joining the called the Spurs Radio Network the Spurs are the only team that Sunbeam at home we're way crosswords get played down with various up again thirty-two for life but Johnson finished with those thirty-two Steph Curry of thirty-three the bounce the Clippers won fourteen ninety-eight to move to sixty-four in seven and thirty-three you know at home to more the call on The Warriors Radio Network that's really can't stop the Bucks won thirteen one oh four LeBron James twenty-six Kevin Love twenty-four ten boards boxed up the Wizards one twenty-two one oh one Pistons raised the Magic one eighteen one oh two Andre Drummond thirty points and fourteen rebounds for the Celtics anything time that against the Raptors fourteen operates of rebounds now for Toronto just twelve second chance points humidity he'll today it done has been should twenty-three man of the Rafters ninety-one seventy-nine Sean Grandy centered match of the call on the Celtics radio network Francisco more the Knicks rocked the Bulls one fifteen one oh seven Kristaps por Zing is twenty-nine points ten rebounds Primeau Anthony help that would twenty-four Jazz got a dear favors dunk with one point six seconds remaining the Rockets eighty-nine eighty-seven T Wolves outscored the Kings won thirteen one afford Karl Anthony Towns twenty-six eleven rebounds Nuggets above the Sixers won all four one of three and Emmanuel Moodie a half court shot at the buzzer rookie finished with twenty-seven points eleven boards places are is the Mavericks one-on-one won all three knows the Suns of The Lakers one nineteen one oh.