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Listen: "The win keeps the Jazz two games behind the Mavs and Rockets for the final playoff spots"

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Christian Petersen
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Which player three D they want me in Sacramento they won twice but not in Utah last night the Cavs finishing their four game trip with a ninety-four eighty-five loss in Utah just wasn't meant to be says head coach Tyronn live and try to get it just couldn't get it could make sense for I thought we did a good job of fighting back fifty fifty fifteen they can twenty-six one day we just have to the waning keep the Jazz two games behind advance Iraq it for the final playoff spots out Houston blew out Memphis last night one thirty eighty one in Dallas one in Charlotte one oh seven ninety-six The Warriors beat the Pelicans one twenty-five one oh seven to reach the sixty win but still and the Thunder down the Blazers one twenty-eight ninety-four seventeen points ten rebounds sixteen assists for Russell Westbrook the NFL its players working on a system that would have someone other than Roger get decide discipline for off-field violations to the wideout Mike Davis Bryan for Lee suspended for at least one year for substance abuse violations in Giants righty Johnny Cueto fairly suffered all we need contusion win hit in the head by a line drive last outing as the a's in Arizona I mean juego who's staying and who's going we've got the latest NFL free agency news on CBS Sports Radio.