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Listen: "I have never seen attacks against the candidate"

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Joe Raedle
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Look i don't want you to say anything that any of them the the it the racks in the media can use against you did the most vicious people i've ever seen but in addition to being a vicious i have never seen attacks against the candidate of the tight by him sing against you but you know what i hit a good news the american people hate the people of the media they have ratings are the lowest in history because they know their leier spot also or we can say is don't let them intimidate you not that i think you would be intimidated by the likes of those people but they are trying to smae you simply for stating the obvious in the truth well thank you michel for that to not say they are hall of all hobbled people many of them did a lot is and the hot of all people the media is among the dishonest most dishonest group of people i've ever met and i don't mean all of them but i mean a lot of him and it's unbelievable what they do have they can take things and that up affect and just rest him around like they took to what vomited hillary's the word yet yes yes said the word bomb for criticizing you for an instinctively knowing it was a bomb that the nerve to attack you when she said the same thing and they had attended out of a speech unbelievable.