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Debbie reynolds dead at the age of eighty four" DEBBIE REYNOLDS DEAD

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Debbie reynolds dead at the age of eighty four going on cbs news now the death of debbie reynolds begs the question pose by cable i w medical editor doctor brian mcdonough with the death of debbie reynolds just one day after the death of her daughter carry fisher the question comes up kin the impact of the loss of a loved one actually cause someone else to die according to a report that was done in the united kingdom which look at thirty thousand people there is double the incidents of death from heart failure or stroke as a result of a loss of a loved one stress plays a major role as well as the fact that in many cases people were out of their normal element that may not be taking the medications they usually take or eating the proper diet during the period of grieving about of ryan mcdonagh care what every news radio hey by w news time one thirty five there's now been in a rest than the death of a man every man who was discovered in in overturned.