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Australian Open

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Right, brother portable died at the age of seventy seven Mahatma Gandy was assessed a native at the age of seventy eight, nineteen sixty two to members of the flying windows hard-wired act were killed when they're seven member pyramid collapsed during a performance in Detroit they know how to do this thing that, you've been doing this thing decades in decades in decades in two thousand six credit Scott can with all of Doctor Martin Luther King junior died at the age of seventy eight, so let's stop the deaths and move on to something more positive, on this day in nineteen thirty-three belonged Ranger radio program when on the air for the first time at station W X Y Z in Detroit, around, , , new, the number, I do, right and or their in the early win, to those willing these, here, only five again, , league in Chancellor Germany the same day in nineteen thirty-three, and it's of more than silver bullets of course to put him more he belongs, nineteen sixty eight the tat offensive began, during the Vietnam more as communist forces launch surprise attacks again Selvie at the means provincial Capitals, and in nineteen sixty nine the Bengals gave their last public performance, that was over of job concert an impromptu rooftop concert the top Apple headquarters in London, and those are just some of the things that happened on pass January thirties it's fifteen past the hour let's get to the more cast tiene it is colder where I am are any other warm spots getting chill you're the I think so and and we're seeing that flips which that we talked about the. Last week word temperatures are going to be ending up much colder for, a longer period of time here in the East where is in the last things are warming up a bed the one good news is we don't really see any _Q's storm see couple a Clippers that will be moving, from, well where they've Clippers come from which is usually the planes of, canada down through the Great Lakes and ended the North the Cesar quick hitting storm so just put down a couple little, inches of snow usually usually company by pretty cold air which is the case here and, could custom slick spots so the area that were watching today's the Upper Midwest and then will be a batch of him into the, mid Atlantic to So in places like Pittsburg State College could have some so showers, also would down in places in the Delmarva Peninsula could see a little bit alike accumulation, around Philly and came a New Jersey could see a little bit a light so here is that makes this little Clipper makes its way to the coast meanwhile out last were we had been so storming things are kind of relaxing a little bit in fact drier from Las Vegas and warmer Aaron to Los Angeles here as we go through the day and put them on the Dean's List today and at some nice warmup in, the Southern plane stu in that will continue here as we go through the day so yeah I would put L.A. on the Dean's List after being so nasty at times this last week. Warming up to NYR eighty to be a was some sunshine alright thank you Dane that's a look at America's whether here's the latest from the news room, there'll be solidarity rallies in Canada after yesterday's deadly attack on a Mosque into back City in which six people were killed, canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau calls in a terror attack on Muslims to people are in custody, president Trump has started restructuring the White House National Security Council having senior advisor Steve Ben into the committee's principles which includes of the secretary is of State and the fans, a us service member was killed three others wounded in a rate in Yemen the targeted and Al Qaeda affiliate the White House says an estimated fourteen militants were killed, and Ohio prosecutor plans to appeal the rejection of a convicted rapist one hundred twelve year prison sentence to the US Supreme Court, the sentence was given to Brandon more for crimes he committed when he was fifteen, those are some of the stories are following on first like today at seventeen past it's sports time robber Workman is here, gracious good morning to eleven kind of on All-Star Sunday in the Weekend in between the N.F.L. playoffs in the Super Bowl an age of All-Star Game in Los Angeles the Metropolitan Division edged the Pacific Division four to three Cam Atkinson, and Wayne Simmonds score goals five seconds apart with about five minutes remaining to put them on top, him into its core twice in the Metro's semifinal win over the Atlantic Division was named the games and the P. The Pro Bowl last night in Orlando the A.F.C. held off the NFC twenty to thirteen bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander intercepted Kirk Cousins pass in the final two minutes to clinch it, a lot more to it than just a simple pick they'll Alexander return the ball about twenty yards than lateral to a team to leave of the Broncos who ran the ball inside the NFC twenty before he was caught, well I Kirk Cousins who it from the past enough the ball into labor cover the, a fumble in the A.F.C. ran out the clock and well for the Pro Bowl that counts is excitement superbowl fifty one, is less than a week away the Patriots a three-point favorite to defeat the Falcons forty niners have their new general manager Jon Lynch the Hall of Fame candidate and Fox T.V. analyst that announcement came last night Lynch who played safety four eleven years with the Buccaneers in four more with the Broncos will have a six year contract the team expected to give its new head coach likely to be current Falcons often supported or Kyle Shanahan, a six year deal is well also on Sunday the Colts I or their new GM Chris Ballard it been the Chiefs director of football operations NBA on Sunday the Cavaliers old over the Thunder one oh seven ninety-one Kyrie Irving at twenty-nine points LeBron James twenty-five points and fourteen rebounds Russell Westbrook big it is twenty-fourth triple-double for okay city Warriors net the Blazers one thirteen one eleven Kevin. A rant thirty-three points and ten boards Klay Thompson added twenty-seven last up and Curry missed his first game of the season yet a stomach bug, pacers about of the Rockets one twenty to one oh one Paul George was a standout scored thirty-three points and Hill James Harden to just fifteen on three of seventeen shooting and forced eight turnovers Hawks out west of the next one forty-two one of thirty nine in for over tell eyes Paul Millsap played sixty minutes scored thirty-seven points including the go-ahead layup with twenty-seven, seconds left in the fourth thirty also grab nineteen rebounds Carmelo Anthony had forty-five for New York which played its first four overtime games since January twenty third, nineteen fifty one, doesn't that day they lost to the Rochester Royals there's great grandchildren out of the Sacramento Kings the Wizards what the Pelicans one oh seven ninety for for their fourth straight win John Wall eighteenth which nineteen assist Bradley Beal scored twenty seven, network surprise the Spurs one oh five one oh one Seth Curry had twenty-four points Dallas had lost its last twelve business to San Antonio, Magic's on the Wrap Gore's one fourteen one thirteen nickel of his tidbits with twenty-five points and ten rebounds, and the Bulls are especially seventy touches one twenty one to one only twenty-eight for Jimmy Butler number one Villanova squeaked as number twelve Virginia sixty one fifty nine done They deven Chen's those tipped in, just be the buzzer for the Wildcats would been down twelve with ten minutes the play never seven Arizona lacked Washington seventy seven sixty six. Thirteen the legal number nineteen, CINCINNATI number twenty four Xavier winners but number twenty Purdue was upset at Nebraska and at the Australian Open seventeen seed Roger Federer outlasted nineteen ruffian it all in five sets of the men's title extending his man's record with eighteen Grand Slam championships, Saturday in the women's final number two seed Serena Williams defeated her sister Venus Williams for in four to give Serena a record twenty three Grand Slam titles this was also the summertime that Federer and Serena, one of the same Grand Slam of that but that's how this works hard slamming other shrimp on the Barbie down there thank you robber Workman straight ahead on first lined up next our double chuck section chuck Cam Lee has dollar signs in his eyes, as stars in his eyes watching the sag awards will find out about those it's twenty-one minutes past the hour, , friend somewhere is software that can infiltrated your business through female and they blink cyber criminals to hide check sensitive information as ran some for your own data's release torching Barracuda email security with advanced protection can stop our friend somewhere attack in its tracks as an added measure Barracuda backup allows you to recover your data, without having to surrender tweak store shown crime doesn't pay when you protect your business dado quit Berra could good of Barrett couldn't dot com slash ran somewhere to learn more his throws loaded since on a winner's insurance began in nineteen sixteen the world has entered the information age of computers email of smartphones well technology continues to. We believe people help people blast, it's why only five on owners insurance from your local independent agent a real person who protect your life family and business auto owners insurance one hundred years of putting people first pointer local independent aged at owners dot com that's on owners dot com when it comes to protecting your home and you're belongings what, works for your neighbor most likely won't work for you, insurance is person, and that's why the coverage Specialists at Fisher rounds And Associates work with you to tailor a policy to protect your family, home bado another valuable possessions of the most reasonable cost awesome, weise what the small me in the bigs down, so you don't have to that's not your service, that your son, Fisher rounds And Associates with offices in here, Mitchell, rapid city Sioux Falls and water in town, today will be warm and Sonny but it's also to be very when be here today we have wind advisory an effect from two o'clock this afternoon through midnight tonight, partly cloudy forty-two the hide the wind will become the with less testing to forty-five at times today tonight partly cloudy windy low of twenty-eight tomorrow, mostly cloudy cooler, and just a little less windy, are high tomorrow right around thirty-two, from chaos have like severe Weather Center, I mean you're able to show on cable, can, news Talk routine twenty-one one oh seven point nine, financial watch on first like good morning tube ledger here this early morning with first light on west would one. Triple a prices regular gas at to twenty seven to Gala nationwide that's right it has been trending downward, it's to thirty seven in New Jersey to thirty two and South Dakota and we get more from shot Cam like Wall Street's coming off a historically week that's all the Dow close above twenty thousand for the first time ever the markets ended mixed Friday after news that economic growth slow down and orders for long-lasting durable goods fell, on Friday the Dow was down seven at the end of the day the Nats Dak added five the S and P down to, one report investors will watch today involves consumer spending which could join increase for December Christmas, another is pending home sales of deals sign but not yet closed General Motors and Honda plan to make a joined announcement this morning no details yet what they'll say investors looking forward to the earnings news from general growth properties which owns balls all across the country more than one retailer has blamed Schmoe or mall traffic for a drop in their business, and the Senators expected to vote today on whether to confirm Rex Joe worse than the former see your next on mobile as president Trump's Secretary of State thank you Chuck toilet is no longer the world's biggest car maker Volkswagen sold more all those and it will be number one for twenty sixteen unless GM beat General Motors numbers, I'll be out today vying from Amazon will no longer be tax-free in Mississippi Missouri Rhode Island South Dakota and Vermont this follows a ruling last month by the Supreme Court twenty-five past the hour and chuck which time good morning to you Chuck. Good morning Evan, awards over the weekend the screen actors Gil towards last night and the night before Saturday the produces field awards produces Gila went in is somewhat predictable direction like other award shows lately the top winner for the for production was, the Daryl of Seneca award for Lala land, and the script signed awards however they makes things up a little bit, the top prize for Ensemble in emotion picture went to hidden figures, another Phil Nevin Cano watching to see how it's momentum is going, I don't know if it's going to score enough said at the Oscar is but it got a substantial amount of attention am a Stone did win for her performance a lot of land, the best doctor award however did not, go to Ryan doesn't allow land but Denzel Washington, of fences, Viola Davis of that film also one for supporting performance and in T.V. they mix it up a lot may get a lot of respect to Netflix the cast of Orange Is the New Black actor is from the show the corralled which is about, queen Elizabeth when she was princess Elizabeth, and now the show stranger things they really did give attention to shows a lot of people may not know so was interesting show, a lot of political top ground both nights, and last night's outside award when a little bit long, and what about just a quick worried about John hurt, oh great accurate he did so many things. 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