Suffering From Heartburn? Some Good Advice Might Help You More Than Medication

Clinical Nutritionist Martie Whittekin, author of 'Natural Alternatives to Nexium' discusses the conflicting and confusing advice out there for people suffering from heartburn.

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"I think most people are willing, in fact, eager, to do the right thing they just don't know what it is because everyday they are getting conflicting advice."

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So as we start talking about the holiday season or anytime I want to cover with you everything from this idea that you know a lot of people are going to have heartburn they are going to have digestive upsets over the holidays they are going to be overeating, I am hoping that it is going to be less now because people are becoming less conscious but you know lets gather about the holidays and how you get through it and feel better not worse. - Well I would have to say don't take health and nutrition advice from Larry the cable guy just because he is having a great time on the commercial and thinks  that everybody should take Nexiam because who knows they may have heartburn one of those days, the reason I wrote the book was to dis about not only the consumers but doctors from that idea that well if you got a symptom lets just shut it down never mind the unintended consequences, and if people first of all would just use a little historical perspective and some common sense they could sort out a lot of it themselves, but they are likely to get the same of advice from the doctor because they don't really get trained in what causes digestive upsets they just know if you have this symptom they will match it up with this drug that suppress that symptom and really makes a lot more sense in the beginning you said your program teaches people what they put in their brain as well in their stomach and I think the first part is the most important I think most people are willing in fact eager to do the right thing they just don't know what it is because everyday they are getting conflicting advice.