Listen: "The start of Major League Baseball"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Of Bowl Ryan the former Wisconsin coach any other Misters but even he was University Monday to pay to bring her a long on recruiting trips but it may could Headlines it's there in the sports world well world getting said four selection Sunday that's eight days away for the start of Major League Baseball or that the San Antonio Spurs are thirty in the Home or that we can get enough of the Golden State Warriors somehow bowl Ryan's inside DAL eighty makes headlines and I don't care I don't care about somebody sexual preference but Michael Sale made headlines he was pulled the story thirty-six hours when people talk about there's a great story in college football that Lovie Smith to fill a noisy finally has people talk about Illinois so ball in Chicago on the scoring in six seventy yards CBS affiliate there nationally was less time Illinois footballs talk about nationally you know noise Illinois they're not going to get a Harbaugh but good Lovie Smith to a skirmish owned the door abruptly and sample they get Bravo coach five hundred coach and so going back to college the best success story is still on goalie met with Nick Sabin Tuscaloosa and Lovie Smith.