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Over 6 Million Convicted Felons Will Be Ineligible To Vote On Election Day, Sentencing Project Report Says

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This is w nyc in new york i'm schumaker best su new jersey senate president steve sweeney's says he is not running for governor in twenty seventeen w ny sees matt cat says sweeney and jersey city mayor stay follow up we're long considered the front runners now both of canceled their plans candidacies seating to a man who was never before run for elected office but has millions of dollars to spend on his own candidacy phil murphy is now the front runner next year's primary some women jon was nowitzki in senator ray was the actor still expected to run on the republican side assemblyman jack generali declared its candidacy this week with any governor came quite don you're will also likely run for the gop nomination sweeney says he'll see korea election to his states senate seat more than six million people won't be able to vote on election day because of laws restrict in voting writes for people convicted of felonies that's according to a new report from the sentencing project chris cullen is one of the authors of that report and a professor at the university of minnesota he says it's striking how much the laws vary by state everywhere from no restrictions on fallon voting in main in vermont two situations like florida in alabama where you're effectively disenfranchised for decades for life if you if you cover head of tony conviction in new york you lose your voting rights while in prison or on parole for a felony the state's health department is proposing to allow medicate to cover for mon therapy for draft transgender minors that's according to the new york times fall is taking a break today mates sonny with highs in the mitts seventies but it'll be back tonight with lowe's in the upper fifties this is w nyc support friend pr comes from the level send foundation committed to improving lives still invention in the us and in developing countries and working to inspire in enabled the next generation of an ventures more information is available at lamb also in dot org listening leonard located so and they went and ninety three point nine happened and why statement.