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Listen: "If Blake Griffin or Chris Paul, alright it doesn't matter who"

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Doug Pensinger
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At somebody said those kinds of things that that does not it doesn't make it right but unaware of but I think it's happened this has some it seems like someone usual circumstances not just some kind a little straight between a star player and a number on the on their quick yeah Chris these guys begin a club these it what club oust guys do any equipment guys do assisting quit equipment guys do anybody net club out if Blake Griffin or Chris Paul alright doesn't matter who Austin Rivers said hey Can you go Give me a Big Mac at McDonalds you know what it's not a goal late right and that's what it's not these guys never tell the players not sometime say yes should the do things that they're in their early this so yeah you're right but they it they never tell these players know but when this happens this is part of the family and when you attack somebody in your own family you know what listeners out there just think about whatever job you working right now what would happen if you turn around and decked one-year coworkers what would happen well if you had a more than once but but you know that you have and I'm not saying when somebody gets punched obvious enough to break a hand and you were doing some research a little bit on what it takes but West is sometimes it a family there's a squabbling you iron out you know each other so well but you touch a nerve and you win it sets ofI other person that's what I'm trying under Semin this is and is a guy I wanna make spelled honest 26 years old he's six foot ten to what and fifty five sixty felt He's coming off a knee injury you're waiting to come back here on a road trip this is a guy who is not showing us it's one thing the loser cool will do will slip up from all but this is Rielly stupid what he did entity degree but it apparently took place which is why the team is investigating and Wes will continue.