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Listen: "It's not as though Cam Newton can't be gracious in losing"

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Ezra Shaw
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Profile player in the highest profile sport in the country maybe wants to uphold it's not as though Cam Newton can't be gracious in losing he was with Peyton Manning on the field course it's easy to do that right when you're talking to one of your idols he's talked about how much he admires Peyton Manning they all that a lot of the Panthers said they couldn't believe they were going to be on the field the Super Bowl against Peyton one of the greatest of all times and so course if needed a flashed a smile and be humble and be professional when you're talking to someone that you really admire we're talking to the game media I'm a says the media right then you can be as or loser and even if it he meant he was a sore loser but also believes that that's OK and an hating to lose absolutely is OK I don't know anyone in the NFL's who likes to lose even if it's only because there's money on the line that make a lot of money when they went more so than when they loses In the playoffs but he's the Emmy P the face in the league and I didn't see the professionalism to set the tone for his team J.P. says on Twitter at a lot radio there is a difference between being a good loser and being gracious in defeat Cam's not gracious that's just that I didn't show any of that but I still believe that he can change grow develop decide that's not how he was handling self like getting up and walking out of the interview he's still the fight a little bit I think he's tied to critics but when you win in them PP when you are the best quarterback in the NFL's more people are paying attention I let's were going a couple of phone calls here eight five five two one two four two two seven of eight five five two one two four two two seven en un Lee interested in what to think the reaction Chris in Cleveland got next year and after our CBS Sports Radio.